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Submission + - Delta Diverts Aircraft During Solar Storm (

astroengine writes: "Geomagnetic storms can be responsible for communications blackouts and power grid surges on the ground. In response to the potential risk of flying during the current storm raging in our upper atmosphere, Delta Airlines have diverted some of its aircraft away from polar routes. "We are undergoing a series of solar bursts in the sky that are impacting the northern side of the world," said Delta spokesman Anthony Black on Tuesday. "It can impact your ability to communicate," he said. "So, basically, the polar routes are being flown further south than normal.""

Submission + - The lowest, dirties, IT job you've ever done.

An anonymous reader writes: I was eating my lunch then all of a sudden, my boss who sits across me sends me an email stating, "Put some paper in the printer." I know it sounds trivial but having been doing UNIX IT work past 11 years.. That's kinda hint to look for other work... I wanna hear what other have had in their past IT experience to move on.

Submission + - Plan to filter Australian internet (

Toam writes: "The Rudd government plans to require every ISP in Australia to provide a filtered internet service. Some have reported that users will have to opt-in to receive the filtered service, while others have reported that those who do not wish to have their service filtered will be required to opt-out. The Australian government already offers free, downloadable internet filters for home use."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - The Next Gen Wars . . . are Gamers still Loyalist (

XboxOZ360 writes: "The Next Gen Wars . . . are Gamers still Loyalist
A very interesting take on the so-called Console Wars, with an interesting look at how the Wii is figuring in this . . . Makes for some excellent reading, and well worth the time to view . . . A little humourous and yet quite enlightening at the same time. Here's a small snippet:

"This little piggy went to the market (okay, perhaps too early judging by the RROD problems), this little piggy stayed Home (Playstation Home has indeed stayed home, delayed despite being in the works since early 2005), this little piggy had roast beef (tones of quality titles to play), this little piggy had none (well not many anyway....), and his little piggy went Wii Wii Wii all the way home....."

Ah the good ol' console wars. I remember the ancient battles between the Sega fans and the Nintendo fans. Then the Sony fans versus the Nintendo fans (the Sega side had of course withdrawn from the war after the ill-fated Dreamcast). Then the Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo conflict, (with some PC loyalists thrown in for good measure) which still rages today, in the great Next-Gen War.


Submission + - Intel Resigns from One Laptop Per Child Project

theodp writes: "Reportedly angered by the One Laptop Per Child project's demand that it curtail work on its Classmate PC and other cheap laptops, Intel has canceled plans for an Intel-based OLPC laptop and resigned from the nonprofit's board. Intel's screw-the-children-of-the-world's-poor hissy fit comes less than six months after the chipmaker giant earned kudos for agreeing to contribute funding and join the board of OLPC. It's the latest blow to the OLPC, whose CTO quit three days ago to launch a for-profit company to commercialize her OLPC inventions."

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