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Submission + - Fairlight CMI for iPad/iPhone (

SteeldrivingJon writes: Not an April Fool.

The developers of the classic Fairlight CMI sampling keyboard have released an iOS version of the CMI environment. The basic app is $9.99, and is pretty much just a demo with the Fairlight IIx sounds and two read-only compositions.

For an additional $39.99 you get the Fairlight CMI III sounds, and the ability to create and edit new compositions. You can also read in Fairlight compositions and sounds, and other sound formats, for use as samples.

Sadly, while there is a waveform display for the samples, the app doesn't support graphical waveform editing the way the CMI did using its lightpen.

Neat for long-term Fairlight worshippers who've never had a chance to play with one and wouldn't mind paying too much to experiment with the composition software, but for serious music work there are probably better apps.

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