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Submission + - Internet Explorer supports free certificates ( 1

Heise writes: "With its last update, Microsoft has added StartCom to the pre-installed root certificates in its operating system. As a result, Microsoft products (such as Internet Explorer) now accept certificates issued by StartCom without prompting the user or requiring any special configurations for the certificates. Third-party programs that use the operating system's certificate memory will also accept the certificates without asking further questions."

Submission + - Microsoft Adds Support for StartCom Certificates (

StartCom writes: "StartCom-issued certificates were already recognized by a wide variety of software vendors, including Mozilla (Firefox) and Apple (Mac OS X). With the recently added support by Microsoft, digital certificates issued by StartCom are today recognized by the vast majority of modern browsers and Internet applications. StartCom is now able to provide a viable, low-cost alternative to existing commercial certification authorities and providers."

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