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Submission + - DHS: "Taser bracelet for every airline passeng ( 1

Bert de Jong writes: "The Washington Times is reporting about a new gadget of the Department of Homeland Security.

Forget Kafka, Dilbert really is a joke, and even on April 1st no one would believe this.

A (euphemistically named) "Safety Bracelet" is soon to replace your flight ticket and boarding pass, if the federal authorities have their way.
This wouldn't be very spectacular, hadn't a few clever techies at the DHS thought of some particular nifty features for this device:
It will have your personal data stored in it electronically, it will have a GPS-tracker so your whereabouts can always be known, and it will sport a taser, to painfully completely immobilise you for several minutes if the airline crew deems you a security threat.

Have a look at the promotion video here (3'20 is where the interesting bit starts.)

The idea is you'll be wearing it from checkin to disembarking.

I wonder how the UCLA finds about this.. shocking I guess"


Hubble Finds a Galaxy 12.8 Billion Years Old 134

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "Hubble's Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) has discovered the 12.8B year old galaxy now known as A1689-zD1. Using gravitational lensing of the massive Abell 1689 cluster of galaxies, they were able to find a surprisingly bright young galaxy from only 700 million years after the Big Bang, during the cosmic 'dark ages.' Researchers are itching to study the object with the upcoming Atacama Large Millimeter Array (to go online in 2012) and James Webb Space Telescope (to launch in 2013)."

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