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Comment New police state (Score 1) 74

1 million images taken resulting is zero crimes prevented. Your hard earned tax dollars at work AND welcome to the new police state people.Get the hell out of the planes and get out of your cars and start preventing crimes. cops are not helping prevent crimes because they are being over paid METER MAIDS more interested in giving tickets.

Comment Conmmercials are (Score 1) 250

The only content you can watch on TV uninterrupted. Its no surprise people are moving to netflix. plus being forced to pay for 100++ channels i will never watch in a zillion years pisses me off to no end.But moving to netflix isn't going to happen i like first run tv shows,movies SPORTS..And don't want to wait a year for them to be released to the streamers..

Comment Modern day Peasents (Score 4, Insightful) 250

Welcome to the decade where business tell YOU what you can and cant do with hardware you pay for. Dont expect Congress to help either, they are all millionaires who have stock in all these companies and those companies line their political campaign pockets as well. They are royalty we are their modern day peasants/slaves..because very few have the balls to say no.

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