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Comment Re:Someone didn't do their homework... (Score 1) 337

Mir and Wayland both use EGL. They are both essentially what Xegl might have become if the appropriate resources were attributed to it. Xegl was dumped because a consensus was reached in the xorg community at the time that the current display server with AIGLX would be fine. They did not want to rewrite a X display server from scratch. Without the support of the majority of the xorg community, which was necessary for such an endeavor, the project just died out.

And there was a schism focusing on that XGL was developed in house, "behind closed doors", at Novell by David Reveman (who now works at Google). The majority of which came from Red Hat who offered and wrote AIGLX. Was there blatant bullying? Of course not and I never suggested such. But was there some jealously and collision of egos? Yes.

Comment Re:Someone didn't do their homework... (Score 1) 337

Those were issues with Xglx (mostly raised by nVidia specifically) which was supposed to be a stop-gap measure. Xegl was the long term approach. It wasn't just purely technical but rather a debate if the current X display server was salvageable. Red Hat and nVidia thought it was.

I reference David Reveman's post to the xorg mailing list.

I think the arguments made by nvidia to why X on OpenGL would be worse
than the current driver architecture can be debated on until forever. I
think it all boils down to if we want put some more effort to it and
take the big scary step to something new or if we want to stick to the
old well known. Not too surprising, we have people who are in favor of
both and we'll likely have development being done on both, which I don't
think is that bad after all.

So far I haven't heard a single argument for why X on OpenGL is a a bad
idea other than that it's a big step and a lot of work will have to be
done. If that would stop me from working on Xgl, I wouldn't have started
working on it in the first place

So yes I did do my homework. I did it 7 years ago and the teacher just forgot to collect it.

Comment Re:I suspect it's more to do with (Score 4, Interesting) 402

I don't think that's true. Take for example Terence Tao. No doubt a genius but he doesn't seem to suffer from any "isolation, stilted interaction, and resultant mental illness". Then examine Grigori Perelman, another genius but definitely suffers from what you described.

You don't have to be "tortured" to be a genius. But it doesn't hurt either.

Comment Re:To stop being sexist, stop being sexist (Score 1) 697

The fundamental problem is institutional discrimination is deeply entrenched in our society. Segregation was happening naturally on its own. The government had to intervene on some level. Affirmative action is a way to give minorities and women the opportunity to succeed and show the prevailing stereotypes are incorrect. In acts as an anti-segregation force. Increasing diversity in the workforce and in higher education is similar to anti-discriminating education. If you see and interact with people who are different than you but perform at the same level; you are compelled to rethink whatever stereotypes you might hold.

Comment Re:To stop being sexist, stop being sexist (Score 1) 697

But institutional racism and sexism still exist. Therefore it's not fair to measure all races and sexes based on quantitative measures alone. Affirmative action is a way to level the playing field. It might be an ugly solution and surely it doesn't follow moral absolutist principles. But it's an effective solution.

Comment Re:RIP, New York Times (Score 4, Insightful) 488

I'm going to pay. I read the NYTimes online everyday; a habit I started more than 10 years ago. The sites/shows you have listed are really just aggregators. Someone needs to be there, hit the pavement and get the story. This article is a great example of good reporting. I think it is worth value. If I have to pay a few cents for it... so be it.

Comment Re:Not mutually exclusive (Score 1) 401

Now that I'm in law school, it's clear that my fellow students value intelligence (including technical knowledge) right along with social prowess and appearance.

I won't deny that social skills and appearance are very important. But maybe I'm old fashioned; growing up when the Internet didn't have a facebook. Where we could only judge a person by what they said and how they said it. It the end it shouldn't matter what you look like or your amount of friends. If you say something... something that is True; that is what is most important.

Comment hobbies like gardening (Score 2, Insightful) 373

Yeah god forbid.

Look I agree that texting is not making anyone less intelligent but texting is a watered down form of social interaction. A friend on facebook most of the time is not a real friend. The real threat is creating social interaction without the social connection. Where we reduce people to objects that we interact with rather than someone who lives and breathes.

Comment Re:Biggest disappointment thusfar (Score 1) 788

Look if you thought Obama was all things to all people you were naive. If you thought sudden dramatic change was possible you were ignorant of US history.

Change can and does happen in the US but it takes a long time. This is somewhat by design as our founding fathers wanted checks and balances which acts as a hindrance to change.

Some examples:

Slavery wasn't made unconstitutional until the ratification of the 13th amendment in 1865. This overturned the Dred Scott case which decided slavery was constitutional in 1857.

Jim Crow wasn't effectively made illegal until the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Women were not given the right to vote until 1920 with the ratification of the 19th amendment. This is some 70+ years after the birth of the modern movement for women suffrage in the US at the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848.

Injustices perpetrated by the US Government against its people can be overturned. But it takes time, blood and persistence. Thinking one man could change it and all you had to do is vote is ignorance and indifference to the sacrifices made by previous generations to defend their rights.

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 705

First off Obama wasn't talking about unilateral nuclear disarmament. He was talking about a slow gradual reduction in the world stock pile of nuclear weapons. Also he said it was a long term goal something the might be possible after his lifetime.

Second the recent provocation by NKorea proves that nuclear weapons no longer act as a sufficient deterrent. Actually NKorea is using nuclear proliferation as a market to fund its regime.

Third nuclear weapons are quickly becoming obsolete. Biological weapons which can eliminate the population of a nation without destroying its infrastructure are much more a threat in the near future. The only threat that nuclear weapons currently present is that of nuclear proliferation which increases the probability of nuclear accidents and a terrorist organization obtaining a nuclear weapon. Reducing nuclear weapons over time will decrease the probability of these events occurring.

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