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Journal StalinsNotDead's Journal: To Alta - reason 11

Reason for friending:

Primarily, your suggestion in your journal entry to notify a person as to why their relationship has changed. I agree with that sentiment, and will do so from now on.

Additionally, your comments. Like the one regarding the .xxx top-level domain. I thought it to be reasonable.

If you're already a friend, chances are I can't remeber exactly why I friended you. Some possibilities:

1) Clever, funny, insightful, and/or angry sig/comment/journal entry
2) Reciprocation of relationship change
3) Experimental relationship change in the early times when I was trying to figure out what the hell this site does.
4) Accidental (I don't think there's anyone currently friended that was an accident)
5) Convtroversial references in current friends' journals
6) The voices said it'd be a good idea, and they're usually right about these things.
7) Fervent and apparently sincere beliefs of any kind
8) Correcting spelling or grammar without resorting to personal attacks
9) Forcing me to look up a word that I've yet to encounter or have forgotten
10) Replying to any comments or journal entries I've made
11) You figured out how to get a user name identical to the user ID
*Forgotten reason*
12) You were engaged in a heated arguement with someone on my friend list. Both of you had designated each other as foes. You only made "No Foes" journal entries. And I wanted to read both sides of the discussion.

*Special Note*
I, in no way, intended this to become a meme. I was merely fulfilling the request of "reason why".

This discussion was created by StalinsNotDead (764374) for no Foes, but now has been archived. No new comments can be posted.

To Alta - reason

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  • Crap, now I want to friend the guy, just to outdo you on the reason...

    Can we call this the "friending alta" meme yet?


  • 11) You figured out how to get a user name identical to the user ID

    Holy Crap! That is so cool I had to friend him also;-)

  • I like this. I usually friend people for some of the same reasons, but mainly so 1. their comments will spill out of the sludge and 2. I will see theit journal updates. Its one of the reasons I wish there was a messaging component of Slashdot, so I could let people know I'm not just trying to farm fans or anything, I just like their stuff. :)

    Too bad the journal-entry method only really works if they return-friend. And it also would get kind of spammy if you have a whole lot of friends.

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