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Submission + - Dell pay $100 million settlement to the SEC (

Sri.Theo writes: Dell's brilliant business model may not have been all it seems. HIdden slush funds and secret agreements between Dell and Intel helped the two giants to thrive, in exchange for locking out AMD Intel provided Dell with huge sums of money that at one point made up to 76% of Dell’s quarterly operating income. Accounting mistakes are being blamed.

Comment Re:You mean this data? (Score 1) 650

It's the Heartland institute- these were the guys payed billions by Phillip-Morris in order to 'prove' smoking doesn't kill. They're now working for Exxon-Mobile, everything they have to say is suspect.

CF, the list of "500 Scientists that deny climate change" of which dozens said they were being misrepresented and were fully convinced climate change was occurring, yet Heartland refused to remove them from the list.

Submission + - WikiLeaks is Shutdown (

Sri.Theo writes: Due to lack of funds WikiLeaks has been forced to close down. They provide a vital service in freeing information that many other organisations want to keep hidden, and require the resources to keep doing so. On their website they ask for donations of money, hardware or software development time, I like to think that we've all benefitted from the service they provide.

Comment Re:Hey Germany (Score 1) 1324

Says who? If you're discussing Human rights you may have a point (that I'd disagree with, but still valid) but constitutions generally enumerate Legal rights, which are a different kettle of fish.

And Legal rights are quite clearly granted by governments to the people within their territory. Therefore one of the legal rights of children within Germany is to that of a full education which the state doesn't feel these parents are providing.


Submission + - Tim Berners-Lee Unveils Government Data Project (

Sri.Theo writes: For a long time the UK hasn't had the default access to Government information as the US has, but a campaign by Tim Berners-Lee finally yielded results with a website containing access to masses of local information being made available. The hope is that this will make access to government services easier and more useful for everyone. Crucially its not just for developers, everyone can submit and commit on ideas for use of the data and hopefully other like minded individuals can take it up. (BBC news story on the announcement) (The website containing the data.)

Submission + - UK public data goes public under TBL's guidance (

superglaze writes: The UK government has made the country's public data, such as statistics and traffic information, available for use in mash-ups. More than 2,500 datasets relating to public services are now open for use by developers and businesses. According to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who led the government-sponsored project: "Making public data available for reuse is about increasing accountability and transparency and letting people create new, innovative ways of using it... By releasing it, we can unlock new ideas for delivering public services, help communities and society work better, and let talented entrepreneurs and engineers create new businesses and services."

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