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Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 1) 192

No, content creation is exactly where they need to go if they want to show that their method works. I think they have been doing a decent job of it. They need to become part of the evil oligarchy so they have leverage. Once you have content others want, then you have some kind of leverage on content. Although I'm surprised that they licensed Orange is the New Black to HBO with nothing in return.

Comment Re:headline is misleading (Score 1) 412

Never mind that it completely stops the poor from moving upwards if they are paying a lot of taxes. You would effectively kill the American Dream. The OP doesn't seem to understand it isn't just a matter of rewarding success, it also means that those hwo are rich will consolidate their power and it will be the minority over the majority. I don't think we want that to happen.

Comment Re:The fringe elements will never become the POTUS (Score 1) 412

Totally agree, we really need to do presidential year campaigns as a suite of politicians that have a comprehensive set of purposes. It isn't enough to change the President, you need to change Congress as well otherwise you'll get the situation with Republicans and Obama where nothing gets done. Of course, Republicans are doing it as a strategy, considering they have fought every appointment of anything in the Federal government. But I digress. If we align them altogether with a unified messaging then there might be more traction. We put too much focus on a President to fix things when that actually belongs to Congress.

Comment Re:Greedy Fucks (Score 1) 218

Or perhaps, we should smack down the Republican party who wants to maintain the old obsolete business model. Conservatism is just preserving the old way of doing things and ignoring business trends while talking on the other side of their mouths about competition and free market. THey have never been for free markets. FCC is constantly challenged by these guys. Perhaps, if we were to take back congress from these morons we might be in better shape. I don't think government oversight is always a good thing, but it is important that we put good people in charge who can make good decisions just like we do in corporations and businesses.

Comment Re:Makes sense to me (Score 1) 406

Funny how all those people are conservatism. Yet they still vote for clowns that want to get rid of their money train. Now that marijuana is legal, they can actually find a new source of revenue and help supply countries like Canada with marijuana and replace the timber jobs that have gone.

Comment Re:Hate to ask the obvious, but... (Score 1) 406

Maybe they signed up for Iraq in a fit of patriotism to defend our country and then got their ass bombed or some other thing and now are disabled. Maybe they were a fire fighter and then went and helped to save people from the world trade towers and then breathe the terrible air and then got disabled.

People become disabled, not everyone was born disabled. It's people like you that cause people who do get disabled to feel ashamed because they no longer contribute to society.

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