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Comment Re:Stop breathing! (Score 2) 559

Right, like the fact that congress are pussies.. that they wouldn't pay for doing the transfer of prisoners to the super max prisons.. even the democrats. It was like they were all super villains not a bunch of terrorists that have been waterboarded all over the place and probably can't even think straight anymore.

Comment Re:Do you now realize why Trump won? (Score 1) 600

Well, they will simply blame the democrats and probably keep voting republicans because their adherence is tribal in nature. Thanks to a constant diet of talk radio, internet, facebook, and whatever else it is very difficult for to change something until it is particularly traumatic change that effects personally in a very painfully and there is no way to escape that it was anything other than a Republican. Once you go on that road, then you actively can think critically. Sadly, Republicans have been engaging in this kind of crap since the 80s. They are the party of no ideas... once they've implemented everything I'm not sure where they will go next.. and that is indeed scary.

Comment Re:Do you now realize why Trump won? (Score 1) 600

This is so righteous. Thanks for this. The only way we can argue with people like this is with extensive knowledge like this. That said, you can't argue with emotional people. If they insist on making their own reality, only a sharp decline in their living will wake them up. Of course, clever politicians will continue to try to redirect their anger somewhere else by using wedge issues. It's what happens in the middle east "don't look at me, look at those poor palestinians! [robs treasury].

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