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Comment Aliens? Probably. (Score 1, Offtopic) 94

Aliens who visit us, dismember our cattle and probe us? No.

Extra-solar planets with intelligent life? Probably. Given the sheer size of the universe and the number of solar systems and planets there are quite likely some out there with intelligent life (within range of detection is a different matter). Given enough rolls of the dice you're bound to hit on any given combination more than once.

Comment Re:Why does it have brakes? (Score 2) 135

Keep in mind that the crawler isn't just impressive because of the weight it can haul, but also because of the pinpoint accuracy with which is can place it's load. Yes, it could freeroll a little bit, but you won't get a spacecraft positioned within a fraction of an inch that way (think of all the connectors and arms attached to a rocket or shuttle, getting all those couplings right required the rocket or shuttle to be placed very precisely).

Comment You're paying for jobs, and you're getting them... (Score 3, Informative) 241

Many of the parts listed in the article had multiple possible source countries, and several of them listed US plants as potential sources. Conceivably Google could have requested those plants be used as much as possible.

Even if that's not the case, we're talking chips here. The housing was made in the USA, several of the chips were as well. It's reasonable to assume that the boards were made in a US plant, that the work of mounting chips to boards, of attaching connectors, of assembling the units, of doing QA, etc. etc. was done in a factory in the USA.

Most of the human labor (in other words the actual jobs) was performed in the USA. The foreign-sourced components are small enough that there was likely a lot more robot labor than human labor involved.

I'd say what you're really paying for in buying that Made in the USA label is employment for Americans, and you're getting it.

Comment Get Some Really Good Sales Engineers (Score 3, Insightful) 211

Your best bet is to go find the best Sales Engineers you can, the ones that don't just know the product catalog and can do a demo but who can install, customize and code integrations while providing solutions, solving problems and essentially doing the salesman's job for him.

Those Sales Engineers are rare, but they are the ones who can turn into what's sometimes referred to as a Technical Sales Specialist: a Salesman who can be their own Sales Engineer. Find someone like that and they will be able to sell to programmers.

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