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Journal Spy der Mann's Journal: Six Apart: The web's Pearl Harbor? 2

OK, after entering my time machine and traveling to a few years from now, Here's what I saw:

Blue Security has become a billionaire company comparable to Google a few years ago. They fight against fraud, phishing and SPAM, and have servers located all over the world.

For what? They're the Global SPAM COPS. They're powerful. Maybe TOO powerful, but who cares? They maintain the Law and Order on the World Wide Web.

But how did this happen? It all started with the War on Spam.

In a move that some people still consider controversial, Blue Security redirected their attacked website to their blog hosted on Six Apart. The irate spammer then proceeded to attack them. And this was the flame that started the fire.

The attack not only awakened the public opinion, it also showed what spammers are capable to do. When Blue Security managed to get back online, they began receiving not hundreds, nor thousands, but millions of suscription requests by ordinary people who got tired of SPAM. They began charging for their service to big corporations, at a cheap rate.

This allowed them to collect millions of dollars in a few weeks, and became the most famous startup company on 2006. The CEO appeared on Time's "people of the year" of 2007. Who would have thought?

And that was no wonder, because in a few months, with their offices distributed through all the US, Blue Security managed what many thought was impossible: They elliminated SPAM from the face of the earth.

Of course, with the worldwide adoption of Linux, SPAM attacks aren't as massive as they once were. Botnets are a rarity now. But I disgress.

Just as the US entered the war after the Pearl Harbor attacks, the whole community of Joe Users began taking part in fighting SPAM against the Russian Mafia.

After looking back, I wonder if they would have had their current success if they didn't commit the "awful mistake" of redirecting the DDOS attack (which still remains to be proven) on that dreadful first week of May 2006. Or perhaps it was all planned? Because I think this was the best "worst" move they could ever make. (Puts off tinfoil hat)

By the way, what happened to PharmaMaster, the hacker who brought down Six Apart? He's in jail now, but I heard the Feds are planning to hire him to do security stuff.

Well, my time's running out, I better go back to the time machine and return to 5/05/2006.


Great Scott, what a trip! So, where was I? Oh, yeah. The SPAM Wars. Blue Security will become famous and very powerful, because they'll manage to clean up the world from SPAM.

Or maybe, MAYBE... Blue Security will get sued and be obliterated from the Web, but sooner or later, some company will take their place. It can't be avoided, it's the survival of the fittest. The approach is known to work. Of course, Blue Frog is Open Source :)

But whatever the result is, I can assure you of one thing:

After May 2006, the war on SPAM won't ever be the same. We are winning, and I'm glad I was part on this.

See you next time.

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Six Apart: The web's Pearl Harbor?

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