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The Internet

Submission + - Slate article shoots down WSJ Op Ed claiming XEROX invented the Internet ( 1

Sprouticus writes: In two well written pages, an article in Slate explain in detail how the OP Ed article published in thee WSJ this week completely missed the boat regarding governments role in the design of the Internet.

Many of us believed Murdoch would eventually turn the Journal into another mouthpiece for his politics, and with that Op-Ed we are seeing solid proof.


Submission + - Judge rules Illinois eavsdropping law unconstitutional (

Sprouticus writes: A County (local) judge has rules the Illinois law which has allowed police to arrest those recording them found the eavesdropping law unconstitutional because it potentially criminalizes “wholly innocent conduct.”

This is the first time this law has made it to court, the DA's dropping charges to this point to avoid this exact verdict.

Submission + - FBI leaves paperwork behind after raid on anti-war (

Sprouticus writes: An interesting development has occured in the case of some anti-war activists who had their house raided by the FBI. Apparently in their hurry to take the photos, computers and phones of the people involved, the FBI left their raid paperwork, including the raid plan and the interrogation questions, behind. This information has been posted oon a website put up to support the activists. It gives some real insight into the FBI mindset.

Submission + - Google/Postini anti-spam outage 1

Sprouticus writes: In another example of why SaaS/cloud computing has inate risks, Postini Anti-Spam Service has been offline or extremely limited functionality most of the day. from the postini website

last updated 12:29 GMT, Oct 13

Issue: Some customers are experiencing intermittent issues with slow or delayed inbound and outbound mail delivery. You may also experience issues with Web Access.

Note: During this time, messages may be deferred or queued, but no messages will be lost or deleted. Mail processing may also be directed to the secondary data center at times.

Status: Engineering continues to investigate the issue, and an update will be posted as soon as the issue is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

My understanding from the limited web posts I can find is that this is affecting more than SOME customers. I can tell you that out mail servers have received almost no traffic all day. This is a huge hit for Google/Postini. the problem mail admins have now is to decide whether to swap their mx records and face a barrage of spam along with the valid mail.

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