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Comment 4.7" is perfect (Score 2) 258

4.7" is the largest that I really care to have the phone to be honest. I want the iPhone 6 because of this. I currently have an iPhone 5 and a Droid Razr Maxx ( for work)... I am fine with the size of my iPhone but I prefer the size of this droid. Anything larger is too big in my opinion.

Comment Lies aren't always bad (Score 2) 123

"Dr. John Doe, I apologize for the delay in getting your PC back out to you. I realize this is an urgent priority and I am working as fast as I can to fix it in a timely manner. At this time, I would continue to use your laptop computer to dictate so that you do not fall behind. The reason it is taking so long with this PC is your hard drive is actually defective. I had to remove the hard drive and copy off your data in parts, making sure I get it all. Your data and this PC are my number one priority and you will have it later this week. I thank you so much for your patience. Thanks, -Me" Lies? Yeah. It's not my top priority since he has another PC... and I am working on six other "high priority" PCs, each of which affect patient care. The bad hard drive? Yeah, not true... just a way to delay the process (Although it is a 40GB Maxtor drive may as well be bad). Nonetheless, he obtained a brand new Desktop a few days later and was very happy. So yeah, I lied but in the end all is well. (I made another post by accident as an Anonymous Coward. Sorry for duplicate).

Comment Sucks (Score 2) 314

Oh, investors expected this deal to take place? Oh so I guess that takes priority over the millions of Netflix users who expected it to take place? This is a big deal to me. My wife is a stay at home mom, and yeah she spends a lot of time with my boy playing outside and inside away from the TV, but when they finally sit down for a minute -- the same as when I get off of work, I want to sit down and enjoy a good selection of content. Now without those Disney movies, well, I will honestly probably go right back to piracy since I can't afford to buy every Disney movie that comes out. (I know not every movie was on Netflix) Sure, I can rent discs from Netflix, Redbox, Blockbuster, or I can rent and copy them. Yes, this attitude I have towards making illegal backups of their movies I thought was long gone. Thanks Netflix. Hopefully they strike a deal with another large company to bring us some better movies or I'm cancelling. We mostly use it for Disney movies anyway.

Comment Meh (Score 1) 487

Eh, try what you want Obama, 95% of America is too incompetent to use this or "Don't have anything to hide"... it's pointless. The need to get rid of various passwords only decreases security, instead of enhancing it... and still doesn't prevent identify theft and social engineering (nothing does).

Comment Buy? (Score 4, Interesting) 396

Buy? I took an older Motion Tablet PC I had, stuck an extra stick of RAM in it, and formatted it to install the Android OS. It works really well. If you are tech-savvy, I'd recommend doing the same before buying a high-dollar iPad competitor android tablet. If the price is right though, I'd recommend the purchase. Browsing the Internet on the built-in Chrome browser with flash playback works really well. Much like the iPad is a large iPhone in a sense, this is a large version of an Android phone. I'm really impressed with the tablet OS. The tablet PC has a gig

Comment Re:Cross Promoting (Score 1) 101

Yeah, same here. My wife was prompted for that in Frontierville as well as other games like Treasure Island. It just adds to the advertisement, when the game you are currently enjoying prompts you for a quest that requires you to try something else out. And well, once they try out CityVille, I'm sure some may enjoy it.

Comment More info (Score 1) 164

Sounds promising but would like a lot more information. I doubt they could give out more info at this time due to competitors looking into their type of racetrack memory right away. With the limitation of solid state drives, we need a breakthrough in some form or fashion.

Comment Bye VGA (Score 1) 356

Even though that's a few years off, it's still an announced end to the VGA video interface. VGA has been dead to me for a few years now, but it's crazy how fast time has flown.

Comment No (Score 1) 418

Considering you still show an interest in gaming, I would never say that you've lost your mojo. As new games come out, including repeats of each other, it sort of makes it difficult for the long-term gamers to adapt. I mean, Call of Duty, as great a game as it is, is certainly not a fresh experience unless you just haven't played it in quite some time. Call of Duty and Halo have reshaped FPSs on console so they are nowhere near the same as before... which makes it easier for younger, newer gamers to come into the picture and become good at it. Those same gamers though would most likely get reemed playing us at Counter-Strike though. ;) (For the most part). As far as wanting to go back and play old titles... it's just like when you go to a restaurant and order the same thing. Sure, you want to try something else, but do you want to waste the money on something you might not like? Or just buy what you know you will like? I stay active as I can with gaming. I love all the old games I've played and enjoy a lot of new games. My suggestion to you would be to ask around, see what your friends like... play some demos, etc. Find a genre you like and check out other games in that genre (Obviously there's no game like Heavy Rain, haha). You said you didn't like AoE 3, so stay away from RTSs. And also stay away from sandbox games like GTA (Mafia, Just Cause, Saints Row, Red Dead Redemption), etc. You should look into some of the newer style FPS hybrid genre games like Bioshock, Fallout, etc. Or even trying some of the newer RPGs like Mass Effect, Oblivion (few years old I know), etc. I would say... never give up on the gaming spirit. The fact that you asked Slashdot about this means you still show interest. Gaming for life!

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