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The Matrix

Journal Journal: WTF are you SMOKING?!

That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more.

Today I get blitzed by a few posters over blitzing the cable network Spike TV, which isn't doing menfolk any favors by representing itself as the "First Network for Men." What men? Sexist, muck-sucking bastards?

I don't mean that all (or even many) men should be and act civilly and classy and be a poster child for GQ or something. But DAMN! Try not to publicly show how tasteless you can really be by watching some of the swill you find on that station.

And ANOTHER THING. The Matrix movies were great. Perhaps you weren't born during a time where the only SF you had on TV was Original Series "Star Trek." Perhaps you were born long after the movie lines emptied of people wanting to see "Star Wars" again and again. Perhaps you were born in a time where SF choices were wide and plentiful. I wasn't. I take pleasure in so much variety and haven't become jaded from it all.

Perhaps you haven't read a Bible, where a hero comes to save the world, and dies doing it. Not original, these parts in the movies, but exciting to see. The Matrix was great SF, and they were smart enough to know that good stories end. I am content not to see a "Matrix 4" just as I am happy not to see the original "Babylon 5" storyline resurrected just for a dollar's sake.

And don't even get me fucking started on the "Star Wars" 1, 2, and 3 episodes. While they aren't the same laugh riot as the original movies, they make great popcorn movies, have great effects and a few notable great actors (Ewan McGregor), it's still "Star Wars." And don't blame George Lucas on ruining your childhood. YOU ruined it when you did that thing back in high school---and you know what I'm talking about, you sick bastard.

You fucking grew up. Time stole your childhood.

Now get back in the line to pick your "Return of the King" extended edition DVDs. I'll see you there. And if you even think of cutting, I'll beat your ass silly with my replica Ranger sword.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Mac OS X Maturation and the Next Big Things

More and more folks are using Mac OS X. More importantly, not only is OS X flexible enough to handle almost anything its competitors can do (and with panache) but that there is strong iron (in the form of G5-equipped servers and desktops) to use it with.

My worries come from the mountain of New that grows each time Apple creates something different (or remarkets something mortibund into something interesting). This is what makes a company strong--to create something and reach goals despite the tendency of the market to only maintain its current performance levels.

With maturity and diversity comes new licks, from both competitors and from others as well. The first Trojan, in the form of a payload-less file disguised as an MP3, opens the door to imaginative ne'er-do-wells with time on their hands.

Mac OS X malware may convince some folks that running their systems as an administrator is really a bad idea. I may run as a regular user, which should limit what code could possibly install or execute, limiting any problems to the home folder only.

Or so I hope.


Journal Journal: It's a Breath Mint AND a Floor Wax!

After posting a review of the latest edition of a book and reading the comments, I've gleaned more about the rifts that are still all too present in the Macintosh world.

There are the Original Mac Heads who will fight tooth and nail to keep running only with Mac OS 9, fearing or disliking the changes they've heard about with Mac OS X.

There are the PC Switchers who get a taste for Mac OS X, but feel that they still have a better deal in some ways with their PCs running Windows, and usually compromise with themselves and own both kinds.

There are UNIX aficionados who are generally pleased with OS X from what they've heard or seen, but consider OS X still limiting, for one reason or another, in comparison to their other *nix boxen ("I hate NetInfo!" "Can I just run the command line?" "I don't know if OS X can compile this app." "I need to develop apps that work on PCs/Linux/Windows too...").

And there are the few elightened ones who buy and use what suits them, but eliminate nothing from consideration--so long as it works in a UNIX ancestry or relation.

Today, I have little need for a PC except to play some games that haven't been ported to Mac OS X, and perhaps to keep my tech skills in tune with the mainstream PC tech industry.

I guess it comes down to what a person really does with their computer, day in and day out. Compare what and how you do thing on one platform, and compare it to others, and one might get a big surprise in performance, ease, compatibility, or efficiency.


Journal Journal: Steve Jobs, the "Digital Mogul?"

Steve Jobs, who happens to hold down two CEO positions...one for some movie company, and another for some fruit company, has been making the Mouse's ears burn of late.

Most recently, Pixar, who created the best selling animated film to date, told Disney that Pixar would end their relationship of movie making and shop around for a better deal. Comments I've gleaned from a recorded Jobs interview also indicate the reasons were more than just financial--Jobs essentially accused the Disney management of making "embarrassing" creative decisions that brought them some pretty sad non-Pixar movies, such as "Treasure Planet."

Meanwhile, Jobs rides the waves of success, not only with Pixar, but with Apple Computer and its iPod music players, the iTunes Music Store (which exists primarily to sell iPods), and has had some good successes with its new Power Mac G5 computers.

Rumors swirl as well of talk from disgruntled Disney heirs and friends who apparently want someone's head on pike for driving the company nowhere fast.

Does all this attention and success make Jobs some sort of new baron of bytes in this mega-corporate age? Time will tell, but given the quagmire that has Disney investors in doubt of Eisner's leadership, as well as the desparate need in Hollywood to one-up itself, I think Jobs could find himself offered at least a seat on the board of Disney if--IF--nothing else in his world conflicts with the notion.

Three jobs as CEO for Steve Jobs? Well, I guess that wouldn't happen unless Disney attempts to buy Pixar and its innovative (and profitable) resources in exchange for Job's leadership...it's not like something similar has happened before...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Ah, To Be Black, Conservative, and a Geek

With the temporary demise of my blog on Mac OS news and commentary (at least until I find someone willing to write with me and create a decent site with commentary), this seems a good place as any to add additional commentary about Apple, technology, and social stuff as any.

I typically post only when I have something important to say. Looks like the moderations agree with me most of the time, so my aim of not wasting bandwidth or other people's time seems to be working.

To the list of friends that have marked me as such, welcome and thanks. To those who aren't, well, ya can't please everybody.

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