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Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone Hardware Unlock Achieved ( 1

GamEmpire writes: Geohot and the iPhone JTAG unlock team over on the iPhone JTAG blog have successfully unlocked the Apple iPhone. This means that iPhone owners are not locked into using AT&T any longer. Any SIM card from any GSM carrier is now useable in an unlocked iPhone. Though the hardware unlock is quite the endeavor (with the distinct possibility of "bricking" your phone), the fact that the iPhone has been unlocked is quite the accomplishment. The iPhone JTAG team will release the process for unlocking the phone in one week (August 28, 2007), with the possibility of just a piece of software to unlock the phone. Video of Geohot's unlocked iPhone can be seen on YouTube.
Hardware Hacking


An anonymous reader writes: Yes thats right, we have an unlocked iPhone. The hardware is only used to unlock the iPhone, and can be removed after it's unlocked. Thanks to gray, iProof, geohot, dinopio, lazyc0der, and an anonymous contributor for making this possible. Thanks also to everyone who donated and stuck with us in #iphone.unlock. Our group has agreed to release the method in one week. The current method involves taking apart your phone and doing some complicated soldering, with a high probablity of a bricked phone. Although after the phone is unlocked all the hardware can be removed. We hope to find a software unlock very soon. So in one week exactly from this blog post(thats less than the time it takes to ship a turbosim) we will release simple step by step instructions for unlocking, probably not even involving hardware. Sorry about the wait, but I assure you it will be worth it. Video

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