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Comment Re:Chrome vs IE (Score 1) 212

Interesting point. I don't even notice this for the most part, using noscript.

I've found the vast majority of javascript on any page is superfluous at best and useless/damaging at worst. Most pages work fine without it, and if not, I can usually get away with only allowing the TLD and maybe their CDN domain. This has helped keep my 2ghz dual-core pentium computer feeling plenty fast on the internet. Without adblock and noscript, the poor thing feels downright sluggish.

Comment Rational Economic Behavior (Score 4, Insightful) 298

WWU isn't in business to educate kids; they're in it to stay in business, and liberal arts majors vastly outnumber technical majors. In trying economic times, the money sinks are going to be the first to go.

As for the utterly irrational economic policies that have resulted in scores of directionless kids heading to college and picking the easier majors, distorting the market for technical degrees and leaving us with bottomless piles of college-educated baristas, well... I don't know where I'm going with any of this.

America: We're getting what we deserve.

Comment Re:Why the password? (Score 1) 434

I'll drink to that.

I rarely if ever have something to contribute to the discussion here, but I keep coming back because I am almost guaranteed to find at least one good debate among the comments in any given story that allows me to study both sides of an argument and come to a much better opinion than I might on my own.

Slashdot is one of the internet's last strongholds of popular and accessible but deep technical discussions... that I know of.

Comment Re:And so (Score 1) 346

First off, you meant hypothesis, considering your "theory" lacks any supporting experimental data.

Second, it's been demonstrated that HFCS is processed through different metabolic pathways in the liver than sucrose and that our large acute doses of HFCS specifically overload these pathways and get preferentially converted to fat.

There's many more reasons why HFCS metabolism differs from that of sucrose in damaging ways, but it's Christmas and I've got things to do. Stop spreading your contrarian bullshit and educate yourself.

Comment Re:The scourge of mankind (Score 2) 161

Considering the frequency of dopamine-related mutations in humans that seem to require dopaminergic drugs for treatment (And our culture's current paralyzing fear of dopaminergics), it seems far too early to label tobacco a universal scourge.

How many murders or confrontations in general have been prevented by a dose of nicotine? How many suicides prevented due to its acute antidepressant effects? It's very difficult to quantify nicotine's benefits, and its negative effects are much more visible.

Not that I imagine you're anything more than a garden variety insecure ego looking for his crutch to feel better than others. Smokers are an easy group to target.

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