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Comment Mobile Solar Traffic Warning Light (Score 1) 268

Mobile Solar Traffic Warning Light With the development of society, energy consumption is increasing. New energy in economic development in the new century is one of the five most influential technology, led to a new energy crisis. Solar energy is a clean, efficient, and never to failure of new energy. In practice, government ministries will be solar resource as important elements of national sustainable development strategies. Photovoltaic (solar) power generation system with reliable safety, less noise and pollution-free, restriction-free, low fault rate, easy maintenance and reliable and so on. As needed inside the stadium or on the road, playing the role of temporary traffic; STC Advanced micro-processor, with strong features; special charging management system, using larger-capacity battery, ensure continuous rain about 10 days work. Main features: Control: multi-period timer control, manual control, yellow Flash control. 2. time: type has a general working days, holidays and special days in window mode. 3. data saved: after the system power off, working parameters saved in the computer, will not be lost. 4. provides 4 independent light groups, main road direction for 300 LED lights, trunk road direction 5.for 200 LED lights. Yellow flashing function: the yellow Flash, yellow Flash 6. manually. Intelligent charge and discharge controller, with anti-anti-, anti-, anti-overcharging and short circuit protection 7. automatically. Fault handling function: when there is conflict or a green signal in all cases of red light is off, automatically enter the yellow Flash Controller properties: Working environment temperature: -30~+75 c power: maximum capacity +12V+18% battery 180AH solar panel: 80W, rainy days: 200AH battery, solar panels of 75W cases can last about 10 days.

Comment Decorated plates——PVC foam board (Score 1) 412

Family decoration in the, we to to market custom furniture or sheet of when, on sheet of awareness to has a basic awareness, so to in feast of sheet in the select for themselves home decoration of, currently market Shang of sheet has PVC made bubble Board, and wood particles Board, and in the density degree fibreboard and so on, each a sheet has different of different of features, following on family decoration sheet do a large collection. PVC foam board members doesn't feel strange, it is a new type of home decoration plate, favored by many users, PVC foam board is made of PVC raw materials section is the Beehive-shaped sheet of mesh structure. Mostly dominated by plain, there are patterns, imitating marble-like pattern, in PVC is mainly used for bathroom and kitchen, the price is cheaper. In home renovations, select the appropriate sheet, such as PVC foam board sheets, the decoration effect to achieve the ideal State, but also to a certain extent, save the cost of the renovation.

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