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Comment Re:Technical OR legislative? (Score 4, Informative) 344

PEIP is a technical non-starter for several reasons:

1. Not enough room in the IP header to record the path.

2. Changing the packet size in flight would greatly exacerbate the impact of the PMTUD design error in normal operations.

3. The router data plane is a poor location for any kind of complex programming.

4. The same people who have failed to implement BCP38 would have to implement the much more difficult PEIP.

5. It's whack-a-mole. The nature of the attacks is evolving from spoofed source addresses to distributed botnets with each bot performing a complete IP transaction with its own IP address. If everybody implemented BCP38 tomorrow, theses newer kinds of DDOS attacks would continue unabated.

Submission + - How the Web Became Unreadable (

mirandakatz writes: If you've found yourself squinting at your computer and wondering if your eyesight is starting to go, fear not: you're probably just suffering from a design trend. As computer screens have achieved higher resolution, web design has trended toward paler, lighter-weight type that often doesn't meet accessibility requirements. At Backchannel, web developer Kevin Marks breaks down the history of this trend, and offers an impassioned plea for designers to go back to the typographic principles of print: keeping type black, and varying weight and font instead of grayness.

Comment Re:basic income (Score 1) 904

With due respect, you have no idea what Fascism is. Fascism is basic dictatorship with a nationalist ideology. It features a specific individual, the dictator, who can't be voted out of power and sublimates individuals to the "nation's" need as defined by that dictator.

What I suggested is a cross between democracy and feudalism. A core self-selecting nobility rule by democratic vote. Anyone can join the nobility. A homeless woman on the streets can join the nobility. But there's a monetary incentive not to, to select serfdom and be ruled instead. The "nobility" is incentivized to maintain a high enough basic income for the "serfs" that they continue to choose serfdom.

The key, of course, is choice. Every single individual has a choice.

Comment Faulty reasoning (Score 1) 1

The reasoning here is faulty.

Yes, information can be teased out of an encrypted connection using packet size and timing information.That's why high-grade encrypted channels use a fixed data rate that doesn't vary with the data being transferred.

Data compression doesn't make this situation particularly worse.

Comment Funny guy. (Score 1) 1

The device is powered by a thin lithium battery slated to last up to three years. So now we have to worry about exploding credit cards as well as phones?

Ho ho! So funny. Dude, seriously, know something about your topic if you want to crack a joke about it. Ignorant jokes are just lame.

Lithium batteries are not rechargeable and aren't reported to explode. Lithium Ion batteries don't explode under normal use. They don't explode at all, that's hyperbole. They do catch fire when over-charged or shorted.

Lithium batteries will eventually leak acid, damaging things nearby. But not until well after they go dead..

Comment Re:A poor craftsman blames his tools. (Score 5, Insightful) 531

Java is a memory safe language. Great error handling too. The language does so many things right, it's scary.

Intermediate result: java attracts incompetent programmers who find that their java code doesn't outright crash the way their C code tends to. Because their code works, more or less, it becomes hard for a non-programmer manager to tell the difference between a java guru and an incompetent boob.

Final result: most java code is utter crap riddled with errors compared to typical C code.

Comment completely wrong (Score 1) 2

This is completely wrong. Opponents of global warming find their basis here:

1. A single counter-example disproves a theory.

2. Improper abstraction of limited experimental data. The experiments, where sound, are used to draw broader conclusions than the parameters of the experiment support.

3. Misuse of statistics massage the collected data to the researchers' desired conclusions.

4. The "what's your theory?" fallacy. Opponents of a theory are not required to offer a coherent alternative to demonstrate errors and fallacies in the one proposed. That something is the only theory does not make it a correct theory.

5. Politicization of the theory severely hampers efforts at falsification. Theories which cannot be falsified have left the realm of science altogether.

6. Time and prediction. Much of the theory of global warming hangs on computer models which have not survived the test of time. A predictive model should have very different outcomes depending on data input, and then sufficient following years of data should be input with predicted results matching the observed results. This hasn't happened. There is no model from a decade ago which accurately predicts today's observations based on the last 10 years' inputs.

Comment Re:Tor exit node = child sex offender (Score 2) 241

As an ISP you're already required to report address allocation information to the regional registry who makes the associations publicly available. The police know whether they're looking for ISP staff or a customer when they show up at the door because as an ISP you published enough information for them to make that determination.

Comment I'm with Charter (Score 0) 65

I'm with Charter on this. There's a cost associated with customers that use random equipment instead of your preferred equipment and there's a cost associated with having to plan around customer-owned equipment when making changes to your sytem. It's unlikely this cost is meaningfully less than what charter pays for the equipment it provides customers.

I 100% support requiring charter to allow customers to use their own equipment but if they're already doing that then the FCC should back off.

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