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Comment Re:"Suspicion-less searches" comes in handy (Score 5, Insightful) 390


What kind I wonder? The term has been diluted to meaninglessness by systematic abuse.

- Guy who sent nude pictures to their girlfriend before they were 18?
- Guy who called a coworker a stupid cunt?
- Guy who downloaded bad drawings from the Internet?
- Guy who downloaded bad pictures from the Internet?
- Guy who flashed children?
- Guy who raped children?

Comment Re:"Suspicion-less searches" comes in handy (Score 4, Insightful) 390

It's sad what we threw away in the War on Drugs

Yeah, such as a snowball's chance in hell of solving any drug problems.

Imprisoning a million people for non-violent offences and turning them into hardened criminals isn't exactly the greatest crime-fighting strategy ever devised. Especially when it costs 55,000 USD per person per year. But then why bother trying to improve recividism rates when, with privatised prisons, you have a financial incentive to keep as many people in prison as possible?

Comment Re:Give me good services (Score 1) 369

At some point developers will start to do the math and see that they can drastically increase profits by going low price on digital only.

Some of them have. Namely Valve.

They have a pitch-perfect strategy:
- Sell games at full price for a while. Massive profit from day-one customers.
- Sell at a drastically reduced price. Massive profit from thrifty customers.
- Hold seasonal sales with huge publicity, attracting even more customers, making even more money.
- Repeat forever.

Comment Re:Give me good services (Score 1) 369

You just have to "disable" the games on the old machine and download them again on the new machine.

That's misleading. You can download games to multiple machines without restriction, there's no bullshit like managing activations. One of Steam's selling points is the ability to log in from any machine and play your games.

In the scenario above he wouldn't even have to download them again. You can simply copy and paste games between machines, or even between accounts if they both have the relevant game attached to them.

Comment No (Score 4, Informative) 997


You can only manage that kind of effort temporarily. Soon your work goes into the shitter, despite feeling that you're getting more done. And you need an equivalently long recovery period just to get back on track afterward.

Being asked to do it for an indeterminate amount of time isn't a good sign.

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