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Submission + - HP openstack cloud is now public beta (

SpaceCracker writes: HP previously announced it will join the [already crowded] cloud IaaS market with it's OpenStack based offering. Now it's publicly available for beta users.
OpenStack, is an opensource cloud computing platform founded by Rackspace and NASA that has gained traction from quite a few large players, such as IBM and Red Hat, who wanted to present an alternative to Amazon and VMWare.


Submission + - DIY Servers for Cloud Datacenters pick up the pace (

SpaceCracker writes: According to this Bloomberg article, hardware giants like HP and Dell loose out to Intel and others who were quicker to adapt to the trend of shifting from traditional off-the-shelf servers to custom-tailored machines.
"Hewlett-Packard, Dell and companies that sell the computers off the shelf are losing sales in a key market because Facebook and larger rival Google Inc. (GOOG) are leading a switch among Internet companies to do-it-yourself servers... Buyers say custom servers provide a cheaper, more efficient way of meeting the boom in demand for personal data shared via the Web... “It’s a completely different animal” than corporate servers, said Rejeanne Skillern, head of marketing at Intel’s cloud computing division."

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