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Comment Not surprised in the least (Score 4, Interesting) 278

Heh. Just commented on this on the Gizmodo post an hour ago. Please forgive the copypasta for my first post on Slashdot in probably 5 years.

My organization recently had a conference in a hotel owned by Marriott in a large Southern city. Not only did they want $500 per device per day for any Internet access — wired or wireless — the $12.95/day in-room wifi straight up did not work. They'd take your money before you could figure out it didn't work, of course. And if you ponied up the $16.95 for the "high speed" in-room wifi, it...barely worked. Barely.

We request one wired connection now. And once it's connected and the hotel staffers leave, I set up our own router with our own network. I'm pretty sure that if there was will or pressure on various and sundry consumer protection agencies, the prices charged by many hotel chains — with Marriott properties being the worst of them all — would not hold up in court.

I'll also add that our Director of Events is fairly convinced a new Marriott property in Washington, DC is doing this right now.

Comment Re:Get the WAIK and use Sysprep (Score 1) 349

This is the correct answer. Use Clonezilla for the Linux installs and WDS for the Windows installs (or install a third party PXE server and use the same server for both). Forget virtualization unless you specifically need it to run applications or multiple simultaneous operating systems.

WDS is how I reimage Windows PCs on my network, and to go from nothing to 100% reinstall is, start to finish, 1 keystroke, a standard login prompt, and two mouse clicks. Come back in a few minutes and you're booted into the system.

Comment Not the domain (Score 5, Insightful) 1049

Domain? No. Username? Yes.

I really don't care if someone has an AOL email address, though I work in a non-tech industry, so it may be different for me. However, the username is important. Here in DC, if you're straight out of an internship and you still have an email along the lines of, that's a negative mark. Similarly, a friend of mine who works in HR in San Francisco gets resumes all the time with emails the likes of Yeah, it's SF, but that's still not work appropriate.

Submission + - SpaceX Celebrates Launch of Falcon 1

iamlucky13 writes: Barely under a year since a fuel leak doomed their first launch, upstart aerospace company SpaceX has cleared the ground a second time with their Falcon 1 rocket. The flight proceeded smoothly until a roll control issue caused premature engine shutdown and loss of telemetry at T plus 5:05. News is currently limited to brief mission status reports. Although the ultimate fate of the rocket and payload are unknown, the company appears pleased with preliminary performance indications. "We in the Washington, D.C. office are celebrating with champagne," said company VP Gwynne Shotwell. "We don't have any information yet from the launch control center, but the Falcon clearly got to space with a successful liftoff, stage separation, second stage ignition and fairing separation."

The flight of the $7 million rocket was to demonstrate its capabilities for DARPA and included two NASA experiments. CEO Elon Musk noted many improvements had been made since the first launch attempt, and has cited similar challenges in the development of other rocket systems. A launch attempt yesterday was scrubbed to resolve telemetry issues with just 62 seconds left. Today's countdown was kept exciting by an automated abort after engine ignition due to marginal chamber pressure. The countdown was restarted after refueling the rocket, with launch at 01:10 GMT from the Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific.

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