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Submission + - No fuel in the Fukushima1 reactor #1 (

An anonymous reader writes: To nobody's surprise, the Japanese press reports that a new way to look at the inside of one of the Fukushima 1 damaged reactors has shown the fuel is not in place.

Engineers have not been able to develop a machine to directly see the exact location of the molten fuel, hampered by extremely high levels of radiation in and around the reactors, but a new scan technique using muons (details on the method in the media are missing) have shown the fuel is not in its place.

While Tepco's speculation is that the fuel may be at the bottom of the reactor, it is a safe bet that at least some of it has burned through and has gone on to create an Uruguay syndrom.

Submission + - Amazon launches one-hour delivery service in Baltimore and Miami (

schwit1 writes: announced the launch Thursday of its one-hour delivery service, Prime Now, in select zip codes in Baltimore and Miami. It initially launched in Manhattan in December.

The one-hour service, available to Amazon Prime subscribers through the Prime Now mobile app, costs $7.99. Two-hour delivery is free.

Submission + - Google: Our new system for recognizing faces is the best (

schwit1 writes: Last week, a trio of Google researchers published a paper on a new artificial intelligence system dubbed FaceNet that it claims represents the most-accurate approach yet to recognizing human faces. FaceNet achieved nearly 100-percent accuracy on a popular facial-recognition dataset called Labeled Faces in the Wild, which includes more than 13,000 pictures of faces from across the web. Trained on a massive 260-million-image dataset, FaceNet performed with better than 86 percent accuracy.

The approach Google’s researchers took goes beyond simply verifying whether two faces are the same. Its system can also put a name to a face—classic facial recognition—and even present collections of faces that look the most similar or the most distinct.

Submission + - First AMD FreeSync Capable Gaming Displays And Drivers Launched, Tested (

MojoKid writes: Soon after NVIDIA unveiled its G-SYNC technology, AMD announced that it would pursue an open standard, dubbed FreeSync, leveraging technologies already available in the DisplayPort specification to offer adaptive refresh rates to users of some discrete Radeon GPUs and AMD APUs. AMD's goal with FreeSync was to introduce a technology that offered similar end-user benefits to NVIDIA's G-SYNC, that didn't require monitor manufacturers to employ any proprietary add-ons, and that could be adopted by any GPU maker. Today, AMD released its first FreeSync capable set of drivers and this first look at the sleek ultra-widescreen LG 34UM67 showcases some of the benefits, based on an IPS panel with a native resolution of 2560x1080 and a max refresh rate of 75Hz. To fully appreciate how adaptive refresh rate technologies work, it's best to experience them in person. In short, the GPU scans a frame out to the monitor where it's drawn on-screen and the monitor doesn't update until a frame is done drawing. As soon as a frame is done, the monitor will update again as quickly as it can with the next frame, in lockstep with the GPU. This completely eliminates tearing and jitter issues that are common in PC gaming. Technologies like NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync aren't a panacea for all of PC gaming anomalies, but they do ultimately enhance the experience and are worthwhile upgrades in image quality and less eye strain.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Wizard 101 Kid MMO Annoucned; First Details (

Erik Johnson writes: "After a lot of talk surrounding the idea of creating a solid MMO for kids and what it would entail a game has surfaced. Wizard 101 developed by KingsIsle Entertainment will hit shelves this summer, a game developed specifically for "teens and tweens" as an introduction to MMO's."
Internet Explorer

Submission + - Lyon vs PSG live online (

realrediff writes: Watch Lyon vs PSG live online PSG on the other hand scrapped through to the season on the very last day. so Do not forget to Tune in to Our site is efficient in helping you keep a track of the latest news scores and commentary as well.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - The Computer Games that could end all other Games! (

MrRobot writes: "Each generation of video game adds another layer to the pyramid. The pyramid is actually inverted meaning that as subsequent layers are piled on top, the structure becomes more and more precarious. As advances in video games technology are applied, the industry becomes more and more at risk from disruptive innovators. The cost and complexity of video game development has increased many fold, the competition in the market and the risks from insider threats is increasing all the time — much of it through low employee morale.

Many of these risks will seemingly be reduced by consolidation of the market players through acquisition and natural erosion of studios, leading to a future where much of the industry is dominated by only a few major players.

But whilst this may (seemingly) create more protection for the big publishers, this is not necessarily going to be a good thing for the industry.

Disruptive technologists are already working on projects that would see massively multiplayer games go online for a fraction of the cost of what publishers are currently investing. These games will drive demand through viral marketing campaigns and will offer subscriptions at a fraction of the price of todays PS3 or Xbox games. Content design is changing, from high aesthetics where the gamer doesn't have you use their imagination to persuasive environments that tear at their imagination and make them use it.

So who actually will be driving these new projects?

Answer: Hackers will be driving them.

All power to the new game developers of the 21st century!"

PC Games (Games)

Submission + - A video game where you design electric circuits (

Michael Todd writes: "A game for nerds has come out, called Engine of War.

In this game you design electric circuits to allow you to better fight waves of zombies.

Easy to learn, complex to master, combine parts to make teleporters that detect nearby enemies, homing missiles that follow the mouse, and shields that adapt to the enemy's weapons!

Dual-wield custom weapons, that can be attached to various systems of frequency sensors, position beacons, or any of the other interlocking 63 circuit parts.

None of that sissy bioshock 'plumbing'-hacking here! This game appeals to physics teachers, programmers and nerds. No previous knowledge or skill needed, just brains.

A free 60 minute demo can be directly downloaded here ."

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Video Game Actors Don't Get Their Due (

Dekortage writes: "The New York Times reports today about Michael Hollick, the actor who provided the voice of Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV. Although the game has made more than $600 million in sales for Rockstar Games, Hollick earns nothing beyond the original $100K he was paid. If this was television, film, or radio, Hollick and the other GTA actors could have made millions by now. Hollick says, "I don't blame Rockstar. I blame our union for not having the agreements in place to protect the creative people who drive the sales of these games. Yes, the technology is important, but it's the human performances within them that people really connect to, and I hope actors will get more respect for the work they do within those technologies." Is it time for video game actors to be treated as well as those in other mediums?"
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Blizzard's EULA compliant WoW spyware (

Corrado writes: "rootkit has a fairly good look at the "warden client" that comes with every copy of World of Warcraft. Apparently, this little piece of software is very liberal in what it does to your computer and gathers quite a bit of data. Every 15 seconds it looks at all your open windows, every process, URLs, IMs, etc. and checks to see if your cheating. This feels like a massive invasion of privacy and its all perfectly legal through the WoW EULA."

Submission + - Uncut GTA IV fights censorship battle in New Zeala (

Ahmad writes: "As you may or may not be aware, New Zealand was delivered the censored version of GTA IV probably because of the ease of supplying us with the same version of the game as Australia (where they don't have an R18 rating so the game was edited to come under the MA15+ highest rating). Today marks the end of a battle for Stan Calif, who submitted the game to the censors for classification in defiance of Take-Two Interactive's refusal to provide New Zealanders with the unaltered game. I believe that this should be of interest to gamers worldwide as it covers issues of gaming censorship, as well as a "little guy" taking on big business and winning at least a moral victory."

Submission + - SPAM: Online Slot Tournaments, IGT Slots and Online Casi

pennyslots writes: "find the online slot play that you might expect to find in Vegas. This means IGT slots like Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune, Texas Tea, Cleopatra, Double Diamond, and also, new online slots that emulate Vegas classics from Manufacturers like Microgaming, Rival Gaming, Realtime Gaming and Vegas Technology"
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Submission + - Game Empowers Anyone to be America's Budget Hero (

Bradley1011 writes: "Greetings from American Public Media, producer and distributor of public radio programs, including Marketplace. I thought you might be interested to know that American Public Media recently launched Budget Hero — our newest interactive game that lets people explore the major issues of the election by changing the federal budget to match their stands on issues and their values. Budget Hero tries to bring a level of clarity and simplicity to the federal budget. It is bound to be controversial since the game puts numbers against issues like bringing home troops from Iraq soon or gradually or not at all and providing options on taxes, Social Security and Medicare. American Public Media worked closely with the Congressional Budget Office, GAO and others on the data and devoted months of reporter and researcher time to creating the game. You can play at American Public Media has also created a "widget" version of Budget Hero to embed on Web sites. To learn more about how to add the Budget Hero widget to a Web site, visit"

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