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Submission + - How to counteract a spammer that uses your address 2

fluido writes: From a few days, some obscure russian spammer is using my e-mail address to send lots of mails about fake watches and miraculous pharmaceutical products. During last night only I received some fifteen bounces. This means the actual delivered messages must have been many more.

I looked at the originating MTA's. Each one is different, coming from the four corners of this planet.

Can you suggest effective countermeasures (apart from changing one's e-mail address, that is)?

Submission + - Want more techie women in your shop? Here's how.

Esther Schindler writes: "Companies that want to increase the number of women working as developers or sysadmins need to do more than offer family-friendly employee benefits, says in Making Your IT Department More Attractive to Women. A few dozen women, at every level of the career ladder describe the corporate behavior that can attract them to a company—or chase them away.

The environment McLean describes also represents why some companies have so much trouble attracting women to their IT departments: they cater to men, and men expect women to conform to their boys club. Few women will choose to put up with such behavior, so when they see signposts that indicate your shop is unwelcoming, they vote with their feet.
The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: MobiTV attempting to shutdown Howard Forums

The very popular Howard Forums is in the process of being shut down by MobiTV. Evidently MobiTV had not protected any of their links and somebody posted the quite public links on the forum. "It turns out Mobitv stores links to their feeds in a plain text file that anyone with internet access can view. Apparently viewing this text file is considered 'hacking'. Remember, next time you google and find something someone doesn't

Submission + - MobiTV to HowardForums: TAKE DOWN! (

evanhindra writes: "MobiTV is threatening Howard Forums for their lack of security.

Basically this is what happening. It turns out Mobitv stores links to their feeds in a plain text file that anyone with internet access can view. Apparently viewing this text file is considered 'hacking'. These feeds do not appear to be protected in an anyway and it appears anyone with a compatible phone can view them. I'm sure Mobitv's content providers would be very interested to know that mobitv is broadcasting their intellecual property while taking such measures to protect it. It's like they're a movie theater with see through walls. If you walk by you can see what's going on but they don't want you to. Anyways Mobitv is asking us to remove the link to this text file. If we do not they are threatening to contact ICANN and HowardForum's host to get the site pulled down.
For updates:"


Submission + - MobiTV Threatens Legal Action Over Unsecured Files 1

T-Bone-T writes: MobiTV is threatening HowardForums with removal from the Internet for providing links to its unsecured TV feeds. MobiTV claims that a HowardForums user has posted instructions on how to access a file containing the urls of their live feeds. MobiTV claims the feed urls were discovered through "hacking" or "debugging" but it turns out the file is accessible by anyone with access to the internet and the ability to type. The announcement on HowardForums can be found here,the PDF cease and desist letter from MobiTV here, and the post with the instructions here.

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