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Comment Re:Okay, let me make sure I'm up to speed here... (Score 1) 438

The / and \ used on the C64 are much more 45* angles than the console / and \, making it look pretty.

Oh, and since they're adjacent in PETSCII, you can print out either one randomly with a neat little line of code. That's it.

Could do the same in C with
putchar((random(2)-1) ? 47 : 92);
if int random(int max) were defined to return a random integer from 0 to max.

Comment As a great American author once wrote: (Score 1) 468

I did not think I could placidly endure another gleaming salesman tell me that I had to have quadraphony sound, coming at me from all directions. I have never felt any urge to stand in the middle of a group of musicians. They belong over there, damn it, and I belong over here, listening to what they are doing over there. Music that enfolds you, coming from some undetectable set of sources, is gimmicky, unreal, and eminently forgettable.

-- John D MacDonald, _The Dreadful Lemon Sky_

Comment Re:Ironically... (Score 1) 159

If I see an indie game I wish to buy, and it just came out, I'll buy it. (Assuming no Steam.)

But from now on, if I want to buy it but it's a year or two old, I'll figure it'll be in Humble Bundle soon enough, with no DRM and possibly a Linux version, and thus won't buy it from the developers.

That's what I meant.

Comment Ah, hello world. (Score 1) 582

Wow. When I got bored with having to write it for the 12th damn time, all I did was this:

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    char* target = "Hello, world!";
    char work = (char)(rand()%97)+32;
    int cycle = 0;
    while (cycle != strlen(target)){
        while ((work = (char)(rand()%97)+32) != target[cycle]) {}
    return 0;

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