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Comment Whats the market (Score 0) 381

What is the market for these?
For $100 more, you can get a real laptop, with a large disk and a keyboard.
For half the price, you can get a Android tablet.
Only people stuck with Windows, and in need of a really portable version, might want one of these. How big is that market, really?
It's like selling checken feet for $3.00/lb. Sure, someone might want them, but most people would prefer chicken breasts at $2.00/lb, or steak at $4.00/lb.

Comment Re:Location data (Score -1) 191

They know where you were, who you were talking to,, where they were, how long you talked, how often you talk to them, where you travel to before/after you talk, where they travel before/after you talk, what times you usually talk, ...
And they do it for everyone you talk with. So they can map who you talk to, who your friends talk to, see where you normally travel to during the week, who you eat lunch with, etc.
There's a lot of information available fin that "metadata" about you.

Comment Re:Welcome to 1990 (Score 0) 308

But this administration has so many more important things to spend your tax money on, than something like science, cuch as

1. Gay marriage.
2. Taking cntrol of all health services.
3. Socialist programs (like welfare)
4. Arming and supporting Al Queda (like we do in Syria and Egypt)
5. Spying on US citizens.

We don't have funds for things that won't grow the government, support socialism, or gain votes in an election.

Comment Re:What is the purpose of the TSA? (Score 1) 325

As for the blow-up goal: Did we have a lot of planes getting blown-up by terrorists before the TSA? Nope! Has the TSA detected lots of bombs on planes? Nope! If the TSA was nothing other than an officer walking around the airport, he would have foiled as many plots as this $7 billion organization.

Who causes more problems at the airport? TSA agents stealing from passengers, or terrorists blowing up planes?

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