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Submission + - Next stop, the Flux Capacitor

LeadSongDog writes: According to http://www.nature.com/nnano/journal/vaop/ncurrent/abs/nnano.2007.412.html researchers have found that by putting a normal capacitor in a magnetic field it can be used to store spin. Marty McFly, where are you now?

Submission + - Student given detention for using Firefox 3

An anonymous reader writes: Several sites are reporting that a student has been given detention for using "Firefox.exe" to do his classwork. No, really. The student was in class, working on an assignment that necessitated using a browser. The teacher instructed him to stop using Firefox and to do his classwork, to which the student responded that he was doing his classwork using a "better" browser (it is unclear whether the computer was the student's own computer or not). The clueless teacher (who called the rogue program "Firefox.exe") ordered him to detention.

Submission + - 101 Romantic Ideas: Know how to win beloved heart (blogspot.com)

mgopi writes: "Do you ever want to make an impression but are stuck for a new idea? Then you Need 101 Romantic Ideas !:clap: You can become "The World's Most Romantic Man or Woman." This book tells you the secret of a perfect formula for romance and win your favorite's heart."

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