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Submission + - Fukushima vs bomb tests

opencity writes: With TEPCO dumping water with low levels of radioactivity and a leak directly into the ocean I was wondering if the more knowledgeable could compare the current situation with the oceanic bomb tests over the years in terms of amount of radioactive material into the ocean. With the naive hope that the discussion won't devolve into nuclear pro/con flame wars.

Submission + - Full Disk Encryption For Android (

An anonymous reader writes: Android, which has been lagging behind other devices in the security area, now has the ability to run with full disk encryption. This comes thanks to Whisper Systems, the startup founded by well-known hacker Moxie Marlinspike, which has begun developing a free hardened version of Android. In the last two days they've open sourced their encrypted flash filesystem solution and added support for the Nexus One. The results should be interesting.

Submission + - Microsoft has right to Nortel patents Google wants (

jbrodkin writes: "Microsoft already has full rights to use the 6,000 Nortel patents that Google is paying $900 million for, officials in Redmond say. Microsoft and Nortel signed a patent cross-license agreement in 2006 that gives Microsoft "a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license to all of Nortel's patents." Google is trying to purchase Nortel's patent portfolio as a defensive measure to prevent Google from being sued. Microsoft hasn't stepped in to block the sale, as some expected, but that may simply be because Microsoft has no need to."

Feed Science Daily: Get A Little Sun This Summer -- It Could Help Save Your Life, Researcher Suggest (

As summer comes and people across America get ready to start slathering on the sunscreen, a note of caution is in order -- a little sunshine is good for you. Studies increasingly are suggesting the value of vitamin D -- often known as the sunshine vitamin, because that's one way you can obtain it -- in everything from bone metabolism to maintaining muscle strength, immune function, reducing hypertension and possibly even playing a role in prevention of cancer and autoimmune disease.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Savage 2 Released For Linux

An anonymous reader writes: S2 Games has released a native linux client for their latest title, Savage 2 — A Tortured Soul. The client is available in both 32 and 64 bit builds as a free download with unlimited LAN play and a 5 hour trial for online play. You can download it here.

Feed Microsoft chops Vista retail prices (

In a practically unheard of move, Microsoft is cutting the price of several boxed versions of its desktop operating system. Some analysts are scratching their head over Redmond's latest decision.

Submission + - Today's Hotmail Outage to be Yahoo's Tomorrow?

ablair writes: The Globe and Mail is reporting that many Hotmail users cannot access the service today, but how widespread the problem is worldwide isn't clear. Is this the likely near future for Yahoo! users as well? After a takeover, Microsoft typically seeks to extend it's own proprietary technologies such as Windows Server, Live, SQL Server, WMP, Silverlight, etc etc over others, even if this causes disruption of service from scaling issues or other problems. A perfect example is the original MS takeover of Hotmail itself in 1997. Today, Yahoo! Mail runs on FreeBSD, and most of Yahoo's galaxy of other services are run on underlying open-source technologies. Will hordes of Yahoo! users jump ship after migration disruptions, or will they be more like a trickle?

Submission + - Teaching Middle Schoolers PHP

Altari writes: "I'm one of several parents that will be giving mini-classes (45 minutes) on topics we're familiar with. One of my assigned topics is PHP, and I'll be presenting to about 10 interested kids age 13-15. Not only am I out of touch with what middle schoolers find interesting (my oldest daughter is only 5), I'm not entirely sure about the scope of my presentation. Since this is supposed to be a kind of introduction to the topic, I'm unsure of what basic topics to cover and how to make them engaging to middle schoolers.

Any ideas?"

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