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Submission + - Largest Bitcoin Exchange in Trouble

SleazyRidr writes: After hitting record highs late last year, crashing and then recovering, the price of bitcoins has taken another hit. Mt. Gox, the largest and most active bitcoin exchange has been forced to halt withdrawals of the cryptocurrency due to technical issues. Other exchanges are still operating and an increasing number of businesses are accepting bitcoin as payment, but this is yet another blow to a currency still searching for acceptance in the world at large.

Submission + - How to break Kindle DRM

SleazyRidr writes: What can you do with a Lego Mindstorms Kit, an iMac and a Kindle? You can copy ebooks. This goes to show that there is always a way to get around DRM, even if you have to use a fairly novel hack to do it.

Submission + - Formulaic Cheese on Toast

SleazyRidr writes: As a lover of cheese on toast, I know I am always sorely disappointed when my cheese on toast doesn't come out right. Fortunately, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the British Cheese Board have come together to determine the science behind this culinary masterpiece. Their formula relates the thickness of the bread, the thickness of the cheese, and the time required under the grill to perfect your tasty snack.

Submission + - BP and Executive Facing Criminal Charges ( 1

SleazyRidr writes: Finally some news that will please a lot of the Slashdot crowd: A company has been charged with Manslaughter! BP has been charged with manslaughter following the Macondo Incident. Two of the rig supervisors and a BP executive are also facing jail time. Is this the start of companies being forced to take responsibility for their actions?

Submission + - TSA Check Bags, Find Vibrator (

SleazyRidr writes: In more news of TSA professionalism, here's a story about a female traveler who put some of her "toys" in her checked baggage. The TSA did their job and checked her bags, then left her a little note:

A traveller says she will file a complaint after a note left in her suitcase included the hand-written comment "Get your freak on girl".

Submission + - Closed Down by Google ( 1

SleazyRidr writes: The New York Times highlights what appears to be a growing practice: listing your competitors as closed on Google places.

In mid-August, Jason Rule learned some surprising news about the coffee shop that he owns and operates in Hays, Kan.: the place had closed for good. Not in the real world, where it is thriving. Coffee Rules Lounge was listed for a few days as “permanently closed” on Google Maps. During that time, anyone searching for a latte on a smartphone, for instance, would have assumed the store was a goner.

It goes on to talk about similar occurrences for other businesses, and how Google appears to be handling it.

Submission + - Cheap Apple Laptops (

SleazyRidr writes: Ever thought about buying a laptop of one of those guys on street corners? Probably not, but it's good to know that they're showing a whole new level on ingenuity, and they've come up with a new model that's even lighter than any real apple!

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