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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 443

Maybe for sufficiently small values of "works". It mostly works, but the javascript kills page load perf. On my machine, expanding a message by clicking the title is a crap shoot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's as if there is no link. Could be a bug in Mobile Safari, I don't know. Works enough that I don't care to investigate, I guess. Also works poorly enough that I avoid loading /. on my phone if I can.

Comment Re:Um (Score 1) 124

Then you have also witnessed the sheer amount of amateur porn being produced and distributed by such websites as well, the professional industry may be suffering but the "fun" amateurs are rising due to easy distribution. Whilst most is probably free, I've seen some sites where amateurs are paid for their content they produce.

With access to decent cameras, easy distribution, even unpaid the porn industry is becoming far more user-created, why would anyone want to buy porn? People are giving it away for free and loving it.

Comment Re:the more attention you give morons... (Score 1) 574

All of your counter-examples pale in comparison because none are indicative of a continent-wide phenomenon lasting throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. I didn't say that other continents were unchanged, I said that comparatively Africa was unrecognizable. You have not disproven that (nor, being a personal subjective judgment, is it something that can really be 'disproved' but you have failed even to make a compelling case or contrast).

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 801

Interesting, but you have missinterperated that study completely. Nowhere does it say that going 5-10mph faster than the posted speed limit is *not* the safest speed you can go. It says this is safer than going 10mph slower than the average speed on the road, but that is *not* the same.

Also it talks about the likelyhood of being involved in an accident. It nowhere does it discuss the likelyhood of death or serious injury which is again *not* the same thing as being involved in an accident.

Comment Re:I might have had something to say but... (Score 1) 316

Even the Chinese know just about nothing about what goes on in North Korea, despite having quite a few refugees from there and a very small amount of trade. While what you say could be true it is nothing but a guess - you don't know, I don't know and very few North Koreans would know.
North Korea used to export a lot of seafood to China but hasn't been able to feed itself for a long time. It's a truly bizzare place that is really a theocracy worshipping the dead father of it's leader.

Comment Re:ZFS works great in Linux (Score 2, Informative) 206

Yeah, it's pretty horrible. And I don't really get the point. It's not like FreeBSD is particularly hard to install and configure, and configuring Samba to run on it is identical to configuring Samba to run on Linux. I'm hard pressed to think of a reason why you'd want to run ZFS via FUSE on Linux instead of using the real thing on a similar, well-supported Free Unix.

Comment Re:multiple revision? (Score 2, Insightful) 477

A oneline that had multiple revision should be completely rewritten, because if you manage to get multiple changes in one line it surely is a mess... somwhere.

That makes me think of comparisons to sentence and paragraph structure. A sentence should enough words to express one thought, a paragraph enough sentences to express one idea. There are legitimate reasons to vary from those requirements at times, but in general it will improve your writing to adhere to those concepts. A lot of unreadable prose is generated by people that don't understand the function of paragraphs.

An obvious analog is lines of code and function blocks. I write what many of you would probably consider verbose code, because I prefer a line of code to always do just one thing. I'll increment x on one line and set y=x on another line, if those are (in an abstract sense) two unrelated operations. It feels conceptually cleaner to me to keep each logical step separate.

A one-liner seems to me to be reminiscent of one of those eighty-word sentences that you will read in a EULA... that are grammatically correct, legally precise, meticulously crafted, performs their function well, and yet is unreadable by a normal human. The lawyer that writes a sentence like that probably feels the same sense of pride that a programmer feels when they replace a twelve-line function with one clever one-liner.

Comment Re:Issues I've had. (Score 1) 410

On the contrary, I am using Gentoo with Gnome. Gentoo provides no tools for helping set anything up like that. I have an nvidia graphics card. Simply running the nvidia-settings tool, which comes with the driver, was quite sufficient to get my multi-monitor setup working just fine without any tweaking whatsoever. My monitors are different sizes, one is a CRT and one is an LCD, and they don't even support the same resolutions. I had to do NOTHING strange at all to make that work. I didn't have to edit any files, go into any strange menus, or read any forums.

Comment Re:Ah, Europe (Score 1) 81

Where the Italian guy is found speaking Portuguese in a British channel.

Native-like Brazilian Portuguese, to be more precise.

From this article (in portuguese language) it seems that he was born in Brazil (he has dual italian-brazilian citizenship) and his family strongly kept their italian identity. Also, he is a public servant in Curitiba.

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