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Comment Re:What's so "unreasonable"? (Score 1) 183

This actually happens in state government too - politicians or talk show hosts say the pension isn't viable (ie - they take in less than they have to pay out). You look at the data and its like yeah if every single employee retires right now this very second - no they cannot pay it all out, but the data overwhelmingly shows they can keep up with the rate of retirement.

I have no clue, but I'd guess that if everyone collecting a 401k (or a 403b if you are a gov employee) - retired today - it probably couldn't pay 100% of it out either. But that's not going to happen - you have to be 65 to even start collecting it.

I honestly think its just a way to screw over the rest of us still collecting a pension. So they can't just dissolve it with a pen, so what they do is start changing parameters on it enough until it screws over the entire organization and the people who paid into it (by law!).

Comment Re:Outsourcing danger (Score 1) 301

I worked for an outsourcing company - we were trained to be dicks to everyone essentially because the way the company wrote the contracts for phone calls (like $35 dollars a call, and a penalty if the call went over 14 minutes) - and similar shady tactics.

I work for the government now, and support desk calls are do whatever it takes to solve the issue period end of story - even if it takes all day.

At the outsourcing company it was do whatever it takes to get them to go away - I really saw some horrible things done to customers who genuinely needed help.

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