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Submission + - Geek wedding ring? 13

RoadNotTaken writes: Dear Slashdot,
I finally bit the bullet and decided to get married. My fiance and I are looking for wedding rings and I find myself disappointed that they have so-few features. Are there any geeky rings out there that can do something useful? I'm thinking USB or RFID but am open to suggestions. There has to be SOMETHING good you can do with a chunk of metal on your finger...

Submission + - SPAM: Sex Toys For Couples

sextoybar writes: SexToyBar encourages sexual exploration of couples. Sex toys are a great way for men or women to satisfy themselves when they are alone, however many couples dont realize that sex toys can enhance sex with their partner as well. SexToyBar offers a wide selection of toys and novelties for couples.
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Journal Journal: Google is a Chinese company

They are actually showing more loyalty to their government than to the American one. The only question left to me is, what percentage of Baidu have they acquired. Because anybody who believes that they "pulled out" for political reasons is a fool. With this last round of bullshit, they appear to be in deeper than ever.


Submission + - Obama's Space Plan - a Conservative Argument (

MarkWhittington writes: The Obama space proposal, which seeks to enable a commercial space industry for transportation to and from low Earth orbit while it cancels space exploration beyond LEO, has sparked a kind of civil war among conservatives.

Some conservatives hate the proposal because of the retreat from the high frontier and even go so far as to cast doubt on the commercial space aspects. Other conservatives like the commercial space part of the Obama policy and tend to gloss over the cancellation of space exploration or even denigrate the Constellation program as "unworkable" or "unsustainable."


Submission + - Are Silicon Valley's Glory Days Over?

Hugh Pickens writes: "Pete Carey writes in the Mercury News that there are "clear warning signs" that Silicon Valley has entered "a new phase of uncertainty" in which its standing as a tech center is at risk and that decisive action by business, government and education is needed if the region is to retain its standing as the world's center of technical innovation. "It could be that Silicon Valley has a different future coming," says Russell Hancock. "It's not a given that we will continue to be the epicenter of innovation." Among the troubling indicators in the Silicon Valley Index (PDF): 90,000 jobs lost in the last two years; the influx of foreign science and engineering talent has slowed; venture capital funding has declined; per capita income is down 5 percent from 2007; and the number of people working as contractors rather than full-time employees is rising. Adding to the valley's problems is a malfunctioning state government that is shortchanging investment in education and infrastructure. "Who wants to come here to a state with a $20 billion annual deficit?" says Emmett Carson. There are plenty of candidates to take the valley's place as innovation capital: Austin, Texas, and Huntsville, Alabama, are beating the valley in snagging federal funds and India or China could someday wrest the title away from the valley. "We're sort of sitting on our laurels and singing 'We're Silicon Valley,' " adds Carson. "We've got to have a call to action, to bring together our political, business and educational leadership, and in a comprehensive way, or we are at risk,""

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