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Submission + - Listening to SIP Devices Still on the Hook (

SkiifGeek writes: "Though not as risky as writing your own TCP/IP networking stack, it appears that some vendors who chose to write their own SIP networking stacks are at risk of their devices being easily eavesdropped on. Newly released information, complete with sample exploit code, points to at least one vendor where this is the case — where it is possible to activate a SIP handset even when it is on the hook.

Now anybody can pretend to be a spy or their favourite TLA / LEO, right from the comfort of their computer chair (repercussion for illegal activity will be different for you, though)."


Submission + - Spirit Outlasts Viking 2 Lander

ScottMaxwell writes: "Spirit, the Mars rover designed for a 90-day mission, has now outlasted the Viking 2 lander. Viking 2 survived until its 1281st sol (Martian day); Spirit is now on sol 1282 and counting. Assuming both rovers continue to weather the ongoing dust storms, Spirit's sister, Opportunity, will reach the same age in a few weeks. They aren't breathing down the neck of the all-time record just yet, though — the Viking 1 lander lasted 2245 sols on the surface of Mars; Spirit and Opportunity won't break that record for another 2.7 Earth years."

Submission + - German InfoSec Industry in the Mist (

SkiifGeek writes: "The German law that makes it illegal to create, own, distribute, or use 'hacking tools' has now come into effect. Groups such as Phenoelit have stopped all German-based activity, while the CCC has taken a more humorous approach to the problem. Recent activity has seen the sample exploit code that accompanied the Month of PHP Bugs taken offline.

Although the law has yet to be used in a real case, it seems that a number of concerned groups are not taking the risk, and the German Information Security industry faces an uncertain future."


Submission + - Storm Worm Employs VM Detection (

SkiifGeek writes: "The ISC has provided an interesting writeup on some of the virtual machine detection methods that the Storm worm is employing to avoid analysis, specifically routines that target VMWare and VirtualPC.

This is related to material covered recently about routines available to break out of sandboxes / VMs and demonstrates that if it is available publicly, then it is likely that it will make an appearance in malware before too long."


Submission + - LMH and InfoSec Sellout Unmasked? (

SkiifGeek writes: "It appears that LMH (Month of Apple Bugs) and InfoSec Sellout (Rape.osx) have been unmasked. In a posting to a bunch of security mailing lists (and which is still filtering through the moderation and filtering systems), a 'Lance M Havok' (LMH) claims to be David Maynor, and claims InfoSec Sellout is Jon Ramsey, David's previous manager at SecureWorks.

The next couple of days should see this information backed up, should the witnesses that are named corroborate the details."

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