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Submission + - PHP to Django- Porting in Production (policystat.com)

SkelVA writes: "I'm sure anyone who has maintained a legacy system has dreamed of porting to the new technology hotness of the time. This post explains how and why a company made that decision and converted from php to django over the course of almost two years. "We took the position that the PHP portions of our application were just pieces of code that needed refactoring. Once we made that decision our process naturally fell out; we already knew how to handle less-than-perfect code. When we added new features, they were done in Python and Django. When we needed to polish or otherwise fix functionality that lived in PHP, we looked at it just like you'd look at that super-ugly method you wrote a couple of years ago when you were in a hurry. If it was a very small change, we tended to just make the change in PHP. If it was a decent chunk of change, or the change would be easier in python, we first wrote unit tests on what we expected the behavior to be using the existing code as a guide, then we ported the code to Django and made the fix. During that time, we continued to deliver regular product updates.""

Comment Wing IDE (Score 2, Informative) 193

If you're doing web work, primarily python, Wing IDE has great VIM support. It supports custom vim configurations and all of the good stuff. It has a free version, but I threw down some cash (d to get a sweet integrated debugger and test-running capabilities. I found it superior to both Netbeans and pydev on Eclipse, but both of those also support VIM text editing (with plugins). Basically, pretty much every decent python editor I've tried has supported vim either natively or via plugins.

Comment Re:What's Been Found So Far (Score 1) 368

here are what people have found so far digging through the code.

So you're saying that there are people interested in writing code to inject in to the game somehow via telnet that are too lazy to run a decompiler themselves?

Bots were already easy enough to write for a game like this. Go try and start up a conversation with a miner in a low-population high-sec system if you doubt that.

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