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Comment Linux (Score 2) 79

Well, they do have a download for Linux. But it is unsupported. It needs to either be supported or open source so we can self-support (like we do for so much other stuff). So, clearly, I am not in their intended market. So, clearly, they don't expect money from me. So, how can they make a valid legal case that me not paying them means they are losing any money (that I have deprived them of anything). FYI, I do pay for my music that has a cost attached, like at Magnatune.

Comment Re:ssh (Score 1) 99

One can launch an instance in AWS EC2 giving it userdata to start an OpenVPN process on a different port than the default of 1194 (which they might block) without the need for SSH. If they try to block AWS HTTPS access, then they break web site control access for a few thousand Turkey-based businesses.

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