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Comment another OTRS vote (Score 0) 321

OTRS (can integrate to any auth' source and or any DB) GLPI (haven't dug in yet but looks nice) I wonder how we all can integrate XMPP in to OTRS? Sounds interesting & do-able but then again why not just use email or HTTP. I am laughing at all the responses who call both the poster & his users morons for the quantity of questions they have. Sounds like they need a Wiki (to use as a FAQ) & to point the users to before submitting their ticket.

Comment Re:Not agnostic (Score 0) 177

EXACTLY. We understand that their VoIP traffic does not need to traverse the Internet but only the last mile, since once it hits the data center, it goes across the network switch to their voice switch, and quality is ensured. If the VoIP traffic is destined for broadvoice, teliax, junction networks, nufone, vitelity, f2 inc, stephouse, then that traffic must jump off their data network & traverse the Internet, and this is where things go bad for everyone. However, to treat voice traffic the exact same as say FTP traffic is just silly. This to me is Comcast's marketing department saying" we dont like our clients, do not use us, go away" and to that I say: message received loud & clear.

Comment DHS ought to be dismantled (Score 0) 241

This agency which has turned out to be worthless, no, make that negatively worth, harmed worth, ruined worth, ruined rights, ruined USA position in the world, and been basically a round embarrassment, ought to be dismantled. The icing on the cake is that the worst president in the history of history who was for smaller government & less spending bought this thing on a credit card swelling the government more.

Comment til the end of humanity or the end of time (Score 0) 299

til the end of humanity or the end of time, which ever comes later. Storage is cheap & fast & these companies save postage & time & money & collections & dead trees & shipping & printing & ink & shipping & fossil fuels to move this paper around & they beg us over & over again to go paperless, then when we do, they keep 12 months online. It is stupid & absurd. I want to see every bill & its datestamp & amount & how it was paid & datestamp on that & every detail til the end of time, like a huge general ledger for my account. I also want to download it in any format I want at any time of day I want. Get this, Key Bank, wont let you use their Line Of Credit site after business hours (central time) Um, you ever heard of California before? What is your problem? Stupid & absurd. I also want a $0.25 discount monthly for going paperless. I also want a thank you for going paperless. And, last (and I am talking to you Qwest) once I have gone paperless, I want you to stop sending me notes every month, in the mail, on PAPER, to try to get me to go paperless. (so, let me get this straight, Qwest has one of the most sophisticated RDMS in the world with super talented engineers poking it all day long & they cant stop printing, stamping, mailing me paper to get me to go paperless?! Is that what I understand? Really? Seriously?)

Comment spite everyone at own expense (Score 1) 237

Hey, I got a great idea, let's spite ourselves, the artists, their fans, and ultimately sell less albums in the end because of it, because the business that we are in depends upon the free broadcast of the audio to the planet, but then turn-around & say hey, wait, you cant keep that free audio broadcast to the world. This is a non-starter. They can not logically, nor metaphysically, nor audiologically, nor experiencially, nor economically, nor any other way, broadcast audio in to the atmosphere then take it back later. I got an idea, stop broadcasting it. There you go, now you guys dont have to worry about having it both ways, which you are trying to do, just stop broadcasting music. Good luck with that.

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