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Comment Re:Really, I thought the question is... (Score 1) 636

You are conflating sufficiently smart for a cheater and sufficiently smart for a student. They are by no means the same thing. Also, whether having programs that tell you what the formulas are is cheating is debatable to say the least. Unless you think that people actually memorize all these formulas in the real world (for example, the half angle identities--if you actually ever have to use them, you'll just look them up).

Comment Re:Google = guilty of pro-Americanism (Score 1) 212

Look dumb ass, there's no fucking logic to it. It's a simple statement of fact. In addition, you're somehow now conflating "US supporting corporate interests" and "pro-Americanism!" Jesus fucking Christ, how is it even possible to do this?

Again, you're talking about the US furthering corporate interests (at least, now you are) when to support DNS-and-Bind's point of view, you'd need to show that "corporate interests" would further American interests. Unsurprisingly, you can't show this.

Please go read DNS-and-Bind's post again before trying to argue in this direction.

Comment Re:Google = guilty of pro-Americanism (Score 1) 212

Yes, let's deliberately misinterpret my post, surely that will win my all my arguments. No, in case you missed it, it doesn't make any sense for Google to help take down Mubarak if they were working for America because whoever replaces him won't be as pro-American. Read that again, maybe you'll understand it.

NOTE: There is a gigantic fucking difference between "pro-American interests" and "foreign corporations interest" you dumb ass. Seriously now.

Comment Re:Google = guilty of pro-Americanism (Score 1) 212

Your conspiracy theory is really awesome, but there's this giant flaw big enough to sail the Emma Maersk through.

That is, Mubarak (you know, the guy Ghonim helped take down) absolutely furthered American interests a TON in Egypt; he went far above what you can expect any elected official (or the military) to do when it comes to assisting the US. So no, taking down Mubarak is not in American interests, it is most definitely the opposite.

In other words, you should go back to your mom's basement and find another conspiracy to latch onto.

Comment Re:Good: At least NOW you're responding w/ points (Score 1) 193

You sounded it, because you only went after the point I made in my init. post that had "bill gates" &/or "microsoft" in it (& from having been around here for around 8 yrs. total time now, that type of reply is usually the province of *NIX fanatics (for lack of a better term)).

Fair enough.

Actually, I think it's due to the fact they are preinstalled, AND, that in some things, MS does do a better job. A case in point, is gaming (and what is one of the things "normal end-users" (for lack of a better expression here) love?? Games!).

I can certainly agree here.

Drivers for hardware also tend to be another 'advantage' MS enjoys... very high quality ones, because the hardware makers know that devs need to be paid to write these, & that hardware makes them monies... so, Windows gets that type of development generally & of higher init. quality, first.

Not really, tons of the drivers for Windows are terrible or nonexistent (esp. in the case of older hardware).

MS also has "volume mgt. tools" like ActiveDirectory (AD) &/or Group Policies (alongside typical logon scripts & .reg file merges etc./et al) that make managing a large LAN/WAN very simple... I don't believe Linux for example, has anything QUITE as simple & easy to use (tons of settings, yes, but easy enough to setup & create policies for, & to have them propogate across a LAN/WAN by groups &/or users level settings, into the machine level)).

I think LDAP does this, iirc. I can't speak to whether it is easy to set up or not though.

Linux also pursues the "freeware" concept of "no money down", which is an INCREDIBLY HARD PRICE-POINT to out-compete... is this "fair", vs. software that costs money??

Why does it have to be fair?

It actually doesn't make sense to me, unless you figure that Windows IS "so much better" at various things that people like it better (like gaming) or, don't see a need to change.

The majority of people (at least now) absolutely do not see a need to change from what they have preinstalled.

P.S.=> MS is also so "out there' & widely used, that IF you're looking for work? Well, MOST of the jobs deal in "knowledge of Windows" or Office, or MS dev tools from what I see in the 'want ads' also... apk

Sure, that's true enough as well--lots of software is made only for Windows. However, there are increasingly more alternatives for Linux that nullify these advantages.

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