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Submission + - So if we can make our own oil, why don't we?

Banquo writes: OK now that the risk/reward situation for "big oil" is obvious to even the most oblivious (for a while anyway)....

We've had the technology to rid ourselves of the danger of oil rigs/spills/foreign dependancy etc.. for a while now. It's completely understandable that we won't be swithing to alternative fuels overnight as there's just sooo much infrastructure that needs to exist. In the meantime however, as we *do* have the means to produce safer domestic oil (in a manner that recycles what would otherwise be landfill mass no less) why aren't we doing this?

Changing World Technology http://www.changingworldtech.com/ has setup an operation that changes waste products into oil/gas/other useful byproducts.
The basics:
"CWT's Thermal Conversion Process reforms organic waste into renewable fuel oil, without combustion, incineration or toxic residue. TCP breaks down waste into its smallest chemical units and reforms them into new combinations to produce alternative fuels and specialty chemicals. The process emulates the earth’s natural geothermal activity, whereby organic material is converted into fossil fuel under conditions of extreme heat and pressure over millions of years. TCP uses pipes and controls temperature and pressure to reduce the bio-remediation process from millions of years to mere hours. TCP is more than 80% energy efficient. "

What I can't figure is why they're not a huge focal point for US $'s and government assistance/incentives etc..

I know at one point they had huge issues with GOP government types putting red tape in front of all their R&D efforts, so much so that they were looking to relocate to a different country and let them reap the benefits. Now that was all obviosuly lobby deals on the part of BP, EXXON etc.. to keep oil that they didn't control out of the US economy, but really isn't there enough public attention about this issue to push this discussion to the forefront?

The US already *HAS* the infrastructure to support moving oil, it's just that in this case it would come from all over the USA. No need for drilling of any type, in any environment. Allowing us to ween ourselves off our reliance on oil slowly as we build our alternate fuel infrastructure but all the while knowing we had a fixed price on a sustainable domestic oil supply.

Help me figure it out..

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