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Company Seeks To Boost Linux Game Development With 3D Engine Giveaway 140

binstream writes "To support Linux game development, Unigine Corp. announced a competition: it will give a free license for its Unigine engine to a seasoned team willing to work on a native Linux game. The company has been Linux-friendly from the very start; it released advanced GPU benchmarks (Heaven, Tropics, Sanctuary) for Linux before and is working on the OilRush strategy game that supports Linux as well."

Submission + - Former Interplay Dev Talks "Disastrous" Old Star T (gamesetwatch.com)

An anonymous reader writes: In a podcast recorded at PAX, a former Interplay developer named Thom Robertson talks about the problems he encountered while working on the company's Star Trek titles. In particular, he was the lead designer of the canceled Star Trek: The Secret of Vulcan Fury, and mentioned how incredibly ambitious initial plans for the game were. "Just one of the many reasons why that project was doomed to failure was because the team and the management had really no concept of exactly how expensive a proposition they were imagining when they set out to do it. I saw the plans. They were looking at four to six hours of created video, and they were planning on doing it at maybe a 1/20th of the budget of a Toy Story movie. Something did not connect." He also discussed how Interplay was "too close to Hollywood," and the problems they ran into while filming for Starfleet Academy The full podcast (MP3) is available from 1Up; Robertson's interview begins 42 minutes in.

Submission + - Getting out of a code funk

An anonymous reader writes: The short version of my story is that I own a small software company that fills some niche markets. I basically wear all hats including primary developer, sales, marketing, trade shows, you name it. I am never surprised when I get burned out but some times I have a harder time than others getting back into the swing of things. I've been developing a huge backlog of work for 3 weeks and just can't seem to get started on it — its like a writers block for a coder. What do other slashdotters do to break through their code funks, I need some help because I'm stuck!

Submission + - E. Coli Can Be Used To Clean Up Nuclear Waste (treehugger.com)

jerryjamesstone writes: "Researchers have found that E. coli can be used to recover uranium from tainted waters and can even be used to clean up nuclear waste. Using the bacteria along with inositol phosphate, the bacteria breaks down the phosphate--also called phytic acid--to free the phosphate molecules. The phosphate then binds to the uranium forming a uranium-phosphate precipitate on the cells of the bacteria. Those cells can then be harvested to recover the uranium."

Submission + - BellKor Wins Netflix $1 Million by 20 Minutes (nytimes.com)

eldavojohn writes: "There was a strange development at the end of Netflix's competition in which The Ensemble passed BellKor's Pragmatic Chaos by 0.01% merely twenty minutes after BellKor had submitted results past the ten percent mark required to win the million dollars. Unfortunately for The Ensemble, BellKor was declared the victor this morning by that twenty minute margin and the million dollars was lost. For those of you following the story, The New York Times reports on how teams merged to form Bellkor's Pragmatic Chaos and take the lead which sparked an arms race of teams conjoining to merge their algorithms to produce better results. Now the Netflix Prize 2 competition has been announced."

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