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Comment Re:which could impact patient care (Score 1) 329

Unfortunately, non-profit hospitals are, in many cases, a sham. Yes, the "hospital" is losing money, while all the doctors working there are pulling in substantial incomes at the same time.

You do realize that med school leaves you with student loans of around 300k and the real money doesn't start to flow before you're 35-40 – by which time you probably have kids and should start to save up for their education? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/... And the very high suicide rate is probably not because of the 80-100 hours a week and litigation threats but because they can't afford to have both their Porsches waxed twice a week.

Comment Re:Universities should have no patents (Score 2, Insightful) 130

When Universities invent something, like blue LEDs, and put it out there "for free", it doesn't serve the public good. What it will serve is the large companies who need the technology and now get it for free, paid for by taxpayer money. The University gets nothing from the invention, the students don't get to profit from lower tuition fees (no, tuition fees are by far not enough to cover a University's expenses) and the public good gets nothing else than to pay taxes and the possibility to build a company assembling blue LEDs without having to worry about patents. Well, I guess that's something.

Comment Re:Very Sober (Score 1) 294

I like how the naysayers are depicted as sober, rational minded individuals while those who see things progressing more rapidly are shown as crazy lunatics.

I don't see the word "sobering" used that way. For me this just means that after one might get excited after hearing Kurzweil, hearing from Winfield is a sobering experience. There is no implication that either of the two is less crazy or more right.

Comment Re:what i've always wondered, as a non-medical per (Score 1) 1038

Frankly I want to go back to a time where we are non interventionist. Let other countries worry about themselves. If you dont want to sell me a product I want/need, Then I will no longer provide you with the intel that you want/need

Frankly, everybody wants the US to become non interventionist again.

Comment Re:no iOS 5 love (Score 1) 336

I know what you mean. I'm working on an app that doesn't need much horsepower and would like it to be available on the iPad 1 so that people could put old ones they have laying around to good use. But Apple isn't making it easy to support older device so I'll probably have to make it iOS 7+ only. :-(

No you don't. Just set deployment target to iOS 5 and make sure you heed the warnings. Test on your iOS 5 device (yes, no Simulator for that, which sucks) and you're done.

Comment Re:no iOS 5 love (Score 1) 336

This is not breaking support for iOS 5. I have an app in the store that is built against the iOS 7 SDK and it is compatible for iOS 5 and higher. You can even go lower, it's called the deployment target, but since there's no old iOS version available on the current Simulator it's much harder to test.

Comment Re:Segway (Score 2) 331

Personally speaking, I wouldn't mind something like a ruggedized google glass for snow boarding [...]

That already exists, the Zeal Z3. One third the price of google glass, speedometer, temperature, altimeter and more inside the goggles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9u1mUlK8qg

I have never seen somebody wearing these while snowboarding, nor would I want one, but there you go.

Comment Re:What no Android versione? (Score 1) 46

With all those 400+dpi displays out there - are they actually... useful? Short of holding the phone to your nose or otherwise uncomfortably close (to make it hard to actually... use it) does one notice the difference between the 320-odd "retina" DPI vs. the 440 DPI these new 1080p screens offer?

For the human eye it does not make sense to go above the ~320 DPI. It might make sense for Samsung to go to 440 DPI though because their Pentile displays only have two colors per pixel, with different combinations one besides each other (See e.g. here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PenTile_matrix_family). But is a 440 DPI Pentile display better than a 320 DPI IPS LCD? Real tests like the ones over at displaymate.com might give an answer. Whether these in turn make any difference during daily use, who knows?

And for developers the 400+ DPI create a new issue: how should you optimize images for your apps/websites? Do you go 3x the size the image has at standard resolution? Meaning you now have to create each image three times, despite nobody seeing a difference over the double-sized 320 DPI images? Vector images help, but are not the solution since lines will be blurred. Oh how we love numbers.

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