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Submission + - Mozilla Firefox 4 Released

Shining Celebi writes: Mozilla has finally released Firefox 4, a couple months behind schedule. It features hardware accelerated graphics, UI performance improvements, a massive boost in Javascript performance, reduced memory usage, WebGL, a new HTML5 parser, App Tabs, tab grouping via the Panorama feature, bookmark and history syncing, and much more. Many users will also be happy to know the status bar has been more-or-less restored after Mozilla removed it in early betas. Firefox 4 scores over 3 times faster on Sunspider, V8, and Kraken.

Submission + - Mozilla Flips Kill-Switch on Skype 4

An anonymous reader writes: Whenever Skype is installed or updated, it automatically installs the Skype toolbar addon for Firefox. Unfortunately, the addon causes serious performance problems, slowing down some operations by a factor of 300 and is one of the number one causes for Firefox crashes. As a result, Mozilla has decided to "soft-block" the addon, effectively killing it on all Firefox installs unless the user re-enables it. This is the first time the kill-switch has been used for an addon that isn't spyware. Given the extreme popularity of Skype, this has ramifications for millions of users and may create an unsettling precedent for addon developers.

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