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Comment Re: Don't care (Score 1) 161

You mean, back when creating the next generation of mankind was considered to have social value?

When marriage was a mechanism by which society supported this valuable task?

Before the economic support of marriage became something people are simply entitled to?

Before the important role of wives and mothers was completely devalued, and treated as offering no more social value than a young man who takes it up the bum?

You know what? I think I will.

Comment Re: The knee-jerk reactions are illuminating and (Score 0) 499

God forbid we should put the work first or anything... it's not like we're personally responsible for the massive transformations in the human experience or anything. Lets focus on what's important... making everyone feel like a special snowflake.

Comment Re: The knee-jerk reactions are illuminating and f (Score 1, Troll) 499

Study shows, when men enjoy the privilege women receive, they do even better. Study shows, when women are forced to compete while suffering from the same prejudice men suffer under, they do worse.

Conclusion: This is all mens fault. Men are bad, and anyone who denies being bad is particularly bad. Anyone who fails to disregard the evidence and claims male privilege doesn't exist is guilty of hate. Anyone who denies that female privilege exists, or claims that feminists are a privileged hate group is criminally insane.

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