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Comment Change passwords (Score 1) 279

Change passwords in as many places as applicable. Things may be amicable right now -- circumstances change, the employee may become disgruntled later. Or someone may try to use social engineering and/or impersonate that person.

Even if the only way into the innards of your operation is through a VPN connection they will no longer have access to, you should still change passwords on essential accounts -- those that would cause you the most harm if they became inaccessible or broken. Ditto for any public spaces that are not controlled by Corporate IT -- GitHub, company Facebook page, whatever. The higher up the ladder this person is, the larger the list of places you should be making sure are inaccessible after they leave.

The routine of changing passwords on this scale should be one that is well documented and regularly performed regardless of human turn-over.

Submission + - has been hacked, possibly by Lizard Squad (

Sherloqq writes: From the article:
" has been hacked. As of 4PM ET, users visiting the site saw a slideshow of disaffected youths, set to the song "Breaking Free" from High School Musical. By 4:17, the site seemed to have reverted to its normal self, although HTML problems persist and in some instances, the song continued to play in the background."

Submission + - Cyber Attacks on Activists Traced to FinFisher Spyware of Gamma (

Sherloqq writes: FinFisher, a spyware sold by U.K.- based Gamma Group, can secretly take remote control of a computer, copying files, intercepting Skype calls and logging every keystroke.
For the past year, human rights advocates and virus hunters have scrutinized FinFisher, seeking to uncover potential abuses. They got a glimpse of its reach when a FinFisher sales pitch to Egyptian state security was uncovered after that country’s February 2011 revolution. In December, anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks published Gamma promotional videos showing how police could plant FinFisher on a target’s computer.

Comment What is the benefit of Microcells over UMA? (Score 1) 82

I'm a Rogers customer out of Ontario with a wifi-capable cell phone. Reception in my neck of the woods sucks. However, my phone (a Blackberry Curve) has built-in wifi and supports UMA. For $5 / month extra, I can piggyback my calls over broadband internet and they simply get billed against my minutes. I can use this with any wifi hotspot in Ontario (and probably in Canada).

Pros: no hassles with GPS, placing equipment near windows; portability (don't have to take a microcell with me); cost

Cons: used to be a free service, but is not anymore; a UMA-compatible handset is required to leverage this


Submission + - Sound still not right on linux (

hceylan writes: In today's world of computers, sound is an indispensable part of desktop computers and the OSs running on them. Being a huge Linux fun, I am still disappointed with the sound systems available on Linux systems.

In early days of my working life one of managers would say, "The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good" all the time. I think this is true for sound on linux...


Submission + - VMware to acquire Zimbra (

Sherloqq writes: VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop through the datacenter and to the cloud, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Zimbra, a leading vendor of email and collaboration software, from Yahoo! Inc.

Here: and here:

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