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Submission + - Move to End Preinstalled Windows in France

xarak writes: French media are reporting that the main consumer protection agency, "UFC Que Choisir" are attacking PC vendors in an effort to force them to provide bare or alternative OS's for their hardware. They are taking HP and two shops to court. Article in French.

Submission + - How to overcome the experience problem?

zanyterp writes: "I recently graduated with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and am looking for work as a programmer; unfortunately, I have no experience outside of the classroom. My current job is tech support engineer for a networking company (which would be great if I wanted to do network security for my whole career), which doesn't help in regards to gaining experience in programming. I realize this is what everyone faces after they have graduated, how have others faced this problem? Most of the programming jobs I am seeing are requiring several years experience (including the ones that appear to say entry; checking on Monster, Dice, state job sites, etc). If I were to get involved with an OSS project or something from Sourceforge, could that count toward gaining experience? Or does what companies will accept as experience vary from company to company? How have others overcome the experience conundrum? From those who do the employing, what type of qualifications do you look for?"

Submission + - Rare mutation in boy leads to perfect pain-killer

mrcgran writes: "Scientists of the University of Cambridge, after studying a rare genetic mutation in a gene called SCN9A in three Pakistani families whose members were unable to feel any pain at all, are announcing the discovery of a neurotransmitter protein that is being touted as the perfect target for powerful new classes of analgesics and cronic pain therapies. Their results can potentially lead to a complete elimination of pain with no side effects, even in extreme conditions such as heavy injuries, surgery, cancer and arthritis. The paper was published online yesterday in Nature. You may prefer to read the story, the editor's summary or the paper abstract.

From the article: "The study began when doctors in northern Pakistan examined a remarkable group of related families in which several individuals seem entirely unaffected by pain. Their attention was first attracted by one member of the clan, a locally famous boy who performed street theatre involving walking on burning coals and stabbing his arms with knives.""

Submission + - Wii remote Linux driver

Espinas217 writes: So you want to play with your Wii and the little penguin? Take a look at this guy's project, they want to join the two worlds and started making drivers for the Wii remote for Linux so you can control your mouse with the wiimote.
From their site:
WiiLi is our long goal: Linux for the Wii. Before WiiLi comes WiiLi Live, a Live CD that turns standard PCs into a media and gaming center designed around the Wii Remote. We're developing on PCs right now, with hopes of porting WiiLi to the Wii later on.
For those of you who don't like to read here is a nice video of the wiimote used to draw in Inkscape

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