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Journal Sheetrock's Journal: Their worst nightmare realized.

So this guy dies and to his horror finds himself in Hell. A demon greets the man at the entrance and beckons him to follow to the processing office. Along the way he notices rooms containing different groups of tortured souls and learns from the demon that the torments are tailored to the group.

Muffled screams could be heard from one room, where rancid food is being shoved non-stop into the mouths of its occupants by imps. "Gluttons," the processing demon muttered as they walked past.

Further down the hall, more screaming. This time it's a group being shown a two minute clip on a film projector over and over again of a low-speed car collision where the occupants get out unharmed, talk a bit with each other, chuckle, get back in their cars and drive away. Perplexed, the man looks at the processing demon, who mutters "Trial lawyers."

But by far the worst was heard near the end of the hall. The man looks in the room and observes a bunch of screaming guys being forcefully given a bath, a beer, and a lapdance alternately by the hottest and most disgusted women he's ever seen.

"What's this?" the man asks. "Vanity? Prostitution?"

"Oh, it's not the women this room was designed to torture." replies the demon. "They're extras."

At this point the man is completely confused. "Why are the men screaming like that?"

"Beats me," says the demon, "but they're all here for abusing the Overrated mod option on Slashdot."

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Their worst nightmare realized.

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