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Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 5, Insightful) 191

1. The amount of data collected is microscopic and therefore of zero statistical value.

The study included over 400 people. That is more than enough to be statistically valid.

2. There are no controls at all.

They used non-rich people as controls.

3. All the tests are uncorrelated as the situation is different for each.

What? They are testing for the same hypothesis.

4. And most importantly.. Correlation is not causation!

The researchers never claim it is.

discovering something they have preconceived (bad bad rich people!)

They do not put a value on any behaviors. There is nothing inherently "bad" about not looking at other people. In fact, maybe it is the other way around, and excessive attention to other people is holding back the poor. Steve Jobs once remarked that mediocre people focus on other people, while smart people focus on ideas. Of course, smart is not the same as rich, but they are correlated.

Comment Re:DIY (Score 1) 104

Even the butt ugly ones think they're hot shit. Anywhere else in the world and no one, I mean NO ONE would give them a second glance or the time of day, but because of scarcity they can act like bitchy little children

Hey, that's their loss. They will never know what a big mistake they made by not falling for an obviously great guy like you.

I just hope that someday you find the woman you deserve.

Comment Re:DIY (Score 1) 104

Just more proof that Apple owners only upgrade for style/fashion reasons, not for new features.

More so in China, because of the gender imbalance. Among dating age Chinese the imbalance is about 10%, so Chinese girls can be very picky, and the guys are under pressure to show they can afford the latest gadgets. They need every edge they can get.

Comment Re:Subsidies (Score 1) 298

The oil companies didn't have to pay for their own security and they didn't have to pay for the true cost of oil.

Except the Iraq War did NOT make the transport of oil more secure, and did NOT lower the "true cost" of oil in anyway. It did the exact opposite.

It's also very expensive to maintain a naval and coast guard fleet to protect oil tankers.

It is unlikely that America's navy makes the Persian Gulf more secure. If America withdrew, the nations of the region would have a huge incentive to cooperate on security. They don't do that now because they know their immature squabbling will have no consequences.


Comment Re:Subsidies (Score 2) 298

You're implying that prices went up due to a supply and demand dynamic. This was not the case, prices went up by a great deal more than could be explained that way

You misunderstand supply and demand. If supply is halved, that doesn't mean the price doubles. It means that the price rises until people use half as much, which is WAY WAY more than doubling. Historically, if the price of oil doubles, demand falls by about 3%. So a shortfall in production of 3% is enough to double the price of oil.

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 4, Informative) 298

Windmills are there to cover peaks.

No, this is nonsense. Windmills are there to produce power when the wind is blowing. Wind is not "peaking power", that can fill in the gaps from other sources, because it is not dependable. The opposite is true: variable winds create peaks and troughs that need to be filled by on-demand sources such as gas turbines or ... hydro.

Comment Re:Subsidies (Score 4, Insightful) 298

That's a huge subsidy that doesn't get counted as a subsidy.

Nor should it, because it was NOT a subsidy. The price of oil skyrocketed when war broke out in 2003, and remained high for more than a decade. Subsidies encourage over production. The Iraq war did the exact opposite. It depressed output, and pushed up prices.

You obviously think the Iraq war was dumb, but it is also obvious that it was even dumber than you think. We paid more in excess oil prices than we spent on the war itself.

Comment Re:data analysis or "AI"? (Score 1) 81

... then fed those clusters into a SVM.

SVMs are used in machine learning, which is a branch of AI.

Data mining is a much better term

"Data mining" and "machine learning" are two orthogonal concepts. You can do data mining with or without machine learning. Machine learning can be used for many things besides data mining.

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