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Comment Re:Doesn't work! (Score 1) 84

If I ever get it to drive 200 miles on a "full 250 mile" charge, I'll wet myself with glee.

I suspect that you are "doing it wrong". My wife has a Tesla, and had the same problem, but when I drove her car, I got even better mileage than the indicator. So I watched her drive, and then I mansplained what she was doing wrong. Since then she has gotten much better milage.

In an ICE car, the "accelerator" pedal controls the rate of power going to the engine. If you push on it with your foot, the car speeds up. If you take your foot off the pedal, you coast. On a Tesla, the "accelerator" controls the SPEED OF THE CAR. If you lift your foot, the car thinks you want to slow down, and engages the regenerative brakes. This feeds power back into the battery, but only at about 60% efficiency, so 40% of the power is wasted. Try driving with the power graph displayed, and watch how often it turns orange (regeneration engaged). Practice keeping your foot steady to minimize that. It will make a big difference.

Comment Re:love the subtle anti-brexit push (Score 1) 56

How about the price of loaf of bread?

Bread is not a good measure of currency valuations, because it is based on only a single commodity and is mass produced, thus failing to reflect the cost of services that make up a much bigger portion of modern economies.

A better measure is the Big Mac Index. A McDonalds Big Mac contains more commodities, and a significant portion of the price is in the service sector. In the UK, the average price of a Big Mac is 2.99UKP. In America, it is $4.79. So the fair market conversion should be about 0.62. So the pound is currently undervalued against the dollar, and Apple is screwing the Brits.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 141

"Red Bull has lost their way, they are sponsoring sports competitions for Pete's sake!"

That is a bad analogy. Red Bull is a for-profit corporation, and when I give them money it is in exchange for one of their drinks. I have no expectation of anything else.

"Why is a cancer charity sponsoring a marathon race?"

That is a good analogy. If I donated to a cancer charity, with the expectation that my donation was going toward cancer research, and I later found out that they had spent the money sponsoring a marathon, they would never get another dime from me.

Comment Re:Schitzophrenic Labor Dept. (Score 1) 167

Asians are either considered white or not, depending on the narrative they are pushing. Same as beaners.

Lumping all Asians together is silly. The people of Iran and northern India have more in common genetically, linguistically and culturally with Europe than they do with East Asia. Many Indian-Americans will tick "South Asian" if that is an option, but will select "White" if that is the only alternative to "Asian", because that is where they feel they belong

Comment Re:That Quarter (Score 1) 163

Every toilet that I've seen in Japan had the regular metal button or lever on the water bowl for the flush.

You must not have been there long. I have seen many that are much more complicated than that. Most don't even have a single "flush" button/lever, but two. One for a big (poop) flush, and one for a smaller (urine only) flush.

As long as I we critiquing Japanese restrooms, can we gripe about the sinks too? All around the world, sinks have the hot water on the left, and the cold on the right ... except Japan, where they are connected randomly, and often unlabeled. For an otherwise organized and efficient society, how can they screw up something so simple?

Comment Re:... move to a shared, distributed database ... (Score 1) 107

True, but proof-of-work blockchains are a *really* expensive way to achieve the goal.

Bitcoin is based on "proof-of-work", but the banking blockchains are not implemented that way. They are much less computationally expensive. Anyone can mine bitcoins, but the banking blockchains are only accessible (or at least writable) by members of the club. If you don't have a SWIFT code, then you don't have access.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 4, Insightful) 754

Huh? Manning was convicted - hence there was a trial. What use would another trial be?

She pled guilty, so there was no trial. She was not allowed to use the defense that her actions were justified, and in the best interests of her country. That is/was not a permissible defense, and the jury would not have been allowed to hear it. So she had no choice but to plead guilty and go to jail. So much for a "fair trial".

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 754

Since the alt-Right media doesn't know the difference between a commutation and a pardon.

The practical effect is the same: she gets out of jail. She is still technically a felon, so may lose the right to buy a gun and vote, but since most Americans don't own a gun or vote, those aren't big concerns. She can write a book, be a consultant for the "Collateral Murder Movie", etc.

Comment Re:A little confused here... (Score 4, Informative) 11

...aren't semiconductors what basically underpin nearly all of Toshiba's products

Sure. But like most users of semiconductors, they can just buy what they need. There is no reason to make stuff in-house unless it is a core competency that you are good at. Toshiba is not particularly good at making semiconductors.

Toshiba is financially distressed, and they need to raise cash, so that is why they are selling off chunks of the company.

Anyway, under the terms of this deal, they will retain majority control, even though it would likely make more sense to sell the semiconductor division off completely. Indecisive, partial solutions like this are typical of the Japanese management style, and are a big reason why Toshiba is in trouble in the first place.

Comment Re: They said they want us to die... (Score 2) 290

Normal people aren't developers so the very limited 16 GB is enough for us casual users.

Why do developers need more memory? My editor, compiler, and other tools all have relatively small memory footprints. My browser uses way more RAM than all my dev tools combined.

Comment Re:alvin toffler predicted this (Score 1) 197

Everyone predicted this.

It was predicted 25 years ago. If a prediction takes that long to be realized, it shouldn't count. Terror-by-drone is such an obvious idea, that I am amazed that it took them this long. I think this is proof that terrorists are a lot dumber and incompetent than we often assume.

I am also amazed that they still self-destruct in suicide car bombs. Haven't they ever seen The Dead Pool.

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