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Comment Re: Why not blame the manufacturer? (Score 1) 85

ECC memory doesn't do anything to help when the bits that get flipped are in the CPU. Or anywhere else that isn't a RAM chip.

Except that the RAM has hundreds or thousands of times as many bits as a CPU, and Flash may have millions of times as many, and dynamic ram has smaller feature size, and is more susceptible to SEUs. So correcting RAM and Flash helps because that is where 99.9% of the problem is.

Even within the CPU, most transistors are used to implement cache, and cache can also be scrubbed (although not with just software).

Comment Re:Why not blame the manufacturer? (Score 1) 85

Probably b'cos there is nothing that manufacturers can do about cosmic rays

Except that is not true. Electronic devices can be made more resistant to cosmic rays and other radiation. The easiest way to do so is to use depleted boron instead of "normal" boron as a semiconductor dopant. Boron-10 has a very high neutron absorption cross section while Boron-11 has a very small cross section. Use boron that has been "depleted" of the B10 isotope, and you cut way down on your neutron induced SEUs.

Another obvious countermeasure is to use ECC memory, and memory scrubbing.

The problem is not that there is nothing that manufacturers can do, but that consumers aren't willing to pay the extra cost. Would you be willing to pay an extra $100 for your phone if it meant one fewer reboot every decade or so?

Comment Re:That's why I pay to recycle monitors (Score 2, Insightful) 148

I pay a somewhat hefty fee to recycle (I think around $20-$40). That's the best I can do to ensure they actually will be recycled

Why does you paying them make them more honest?
How much fuel do you burn driving there and back?
Like most recycling, this seems to be more about "feeling good" rather than actually helping the environment.

Besides, even a warehouse full of dead monitors that will basically just sit forever is still a way better scenario than having them polluting a landfill.

Except for all the resources that went into building the warehouse. Do you know how much CO2 is generated to make concrete?

Comment Re:Your milage may vary (Score 4, Insightful) 130

It is not just a question of whether a programmer is more suited for remote working, but also if the management and the rest of the team is willing to make the effort to communicate and coordinate. In my experience, all these factors NEVER happen, and companies that try distributed development are some of the most dysfunctional organizations I have ever worked with. There are always people way out of the loop, and submitting work on projects that were cancelled weeks ago, and when it comes to office politics and backstabbing, the remote workers are at a severe disadvantage. I am not saying it is impossible, I am just saying I have never seen it work.

Comment Re:Oh for Pete's Sake! (Score 0) 160

Also, people with military service are given preference for USPS jobs, so they get a lot of misfits that washed out of the service. Many of these people are bitter because they got screwed out of their military pension, and are now stuck in a dead-end job, sorting packages with minimal human interaction. Combine that with knowledge of weapons, and years of training that violence is the solution to most problems, and you can see why "going postal" is so frequent.

Comment Re: I do (Score 1, Flamebait) 160

Maybe you could explain why "how the memory is mapped at a low level" is important when most computers treat memory as a numbered sequence of words and are shielded from how the memory subsystem is physically organized?

Maybe you were still pooping your diapers back in 1990, but some of us are old enough to remember dealing with segment registers and memory banks. You kids today got it easy.

Comment Re:Modern money theory (Score 1) 369

If you tax robots, then there is LESS incentive to getting robots, and more work for humans to do.

This is the Lump of Labor Fallacy. There is not a fixed number of jobs in the economy, and automating a particular job out of existence does not mean fewer overall jobs. As automation reduces costs, people will spend their savings on other goods and services, creating jobs in other areas of the economy.

Comment Re:Sure (Score 1) 369

Such as Microsoft, the company founded by Bill Gates, which has cheated the state of Washington out of billions of dollars in taxes by claiming that all of it's revenue comes from a tiny office in Nevada.

No. Microsoft never did that, because Washington state does not have either a personal or corporate income tax. They do have sales taxes, but that is based on purchases not revenue.

Comment Re:"Robot Tax"? (Score 1) 71

How do you determine the tax on each individual robot?

It should be based on how many jobs are destroyed. For instance, if someone invented a "washing machine" that could wash clothes automatically instead of employing millions of laundresses to manually scrub those clothes on a washboard, then those machines should obviously be heavily taxed. The same for "dishwasher" machines that destroy the jobs of scullery maids. Or worst of all, if someone were to automate the job of "switchboard operator", by using some sort of computer to route phone calls, that would have a devastating effect on the economy.

Comment Re:Sooo (Score 1) 74

Without a semblance of someone being in charge of the car, I think the future od driverless cars might have the unmistakable reek of shit and piss.

People ride "driverless" elevators everyday without shitting or pissing in them. Why would horizontal movement be so different from vertical movement?

Unlike an elevator, to get into a self-driving-taxi you will need to provide a CC#, or an account number linked to your identity. Your behavior in the vehicle will be recorded by one or more $5 cameras. If you soil the seats, your account will be debited, as you agreed when you clicked on the TOS.

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