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Comment Re:Standard Ruling Party shit. (Score 1) 220

Here we go with the trite dismissal of third party votes again.

I'm not dismissing those votes at all. They have a very real effect on the election. Such as helping the Clinton Machine back into executive power.

The only person being dismissive is YOU (in your assertion that those votes impact both of the larger parties in the same way, and thus don't really change anything .. THAT is dismissive).

Comment Re:Standard Ruling Party shit. (Score 1) 220

We'll be stuck with that racist, mysoginist, xenophobe for 4 years.

Ah, I see you're one of the people pretending to actually think that, while also pretending you don't know anything about Hillary Clinton. If you're going to stay that uninformed, please don't do anything dangerous to those around you, like voting.

Comment Re: Not entirely true (Score 1) 86

Posting something about your employer without being anonymous is just plain stupid!

Depends on your employer. I post stuff about my employer all the time, under a slashdot username that is the same as my corporate LDAP username, and have gotten kudos for it. I've also gotten a couple of calls from legal, asking me to be careful about commenting on legal issues, but the attorneys apologized effusively for doing so, and pointed out that they recognized I was being careful but just want to reiterate that it was important.

But my employer is particularly open-minded, and particularly confident in its employees' judgement. You need to understand your context, and YMMV.

Comment Re:Trust no one (Score 1) 48

"I'm the only one who can fix this problem", run away as fast as you can.

"Come with me if you want to live!" (- from the movie "Terminator" [and hand in your geek card if you needed this citation])

It seems that "question authority" has more recently been all but replaced by a more-PC "question only authority (and those who hold it) that we say to question...all other authority that agrees with us is sacrosanct".

Start questioning the authority of certain things and suddenly all that "question authority" crap goes right out the window for many, many people and turns to "get 'em!"...sometimes even to the point that calls are made for laws which would criminalize publishing certain arguments and opinions. This sort of behavior is not limited to only one of the 2 major US parties in case you think I'm being partisan. I'm not.

When any group/party/etc must resort to supporting a position by silencing speech and criminalizing opposing thought and opinions, that's a sure sign that they and their position are another "authority" that must be strongly questioned.


Comment Not hereditary, but can be (Score 1) 57

The Sichuan University trial, it is important to note, does not edit the germ-line; its effects will not be hereditary.

This test run may not be, but this technique can not only be applied to germ-line cells, but also made 'super-hereditary'. When you change germ-line cells, they are transmitted only in half the cases, no matter if dominant or recessive. But they found a technique to have the modifications transmitted every time ! I don't remember the name of that technique though.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 406

It's worse than that: the law references birth certificates, so a "package inspection" isn't going to catch people who have had transition surgery. So this means they need to require everyone to carry around a birth certificate and present it when using the restroom, and they need police at every public restroom on government property to check this.

Comment Re:Justice? (Score 1) 298

How so, if they're adults? Now if it's a father and a daughter that just turned 18, yeah, I can see that being problematic as he may have been molesting her before that age and no one knew (or did anything).

But if it's a brother and sister and they're both 35, I'm sorry, that's none of the government's business or anyone else's. Really, once you get over 30, I don't see how it's complicated at all, because by that age, someone who didn't consent has had plenty of time to leave the situation.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 406

WTF??? This is patently absurd.

Klingons have a rich warrior culture that values honor above all else. They made that abundantly clear in countless episodes.

Humans (in this universe we inhabit) do not have a warrior culture, and definitely do not value honor. If we did, we would not be about to elect Trump or Hillary (or almost anyone else that was running).

The Klingons most resemble various old traditional cultures, such as the Japanese Samurai culture, which of course is long dead.

The ST race that was meant to most resemble modern humans is the Ferengi: profit above all. However, even the Ferengi had some real values; they thought it was important to properly assist underdeveloped cultures to develop economically and technologically, so that they could become good trading partners. Bombing them into submission was not part of their ethic.

No, I think the Terran Empire depicted in several ST episodes (not just "Mirror, Mirror", but also an excellent ENT 2-parter called "In a Mirror, Darkly") is a very accurate depiction of modern human culture transposed into a future with warp drive.

But I do agree with your final assessment about good humans being the tiny tiny minority.

Comment Re:Google giving the Business.. (Score 2) 85

That does suck, though...introductory rates and such are never guaranteed. Still, it beats my Comcast by a pretty wide margin - $70 gets me 30/10, and that's consumer-capped. I'd jump at the chance for 100/100 (or even 50) at $75.

And you're only getting a consumer service level agreement which is, basically, that if it doesn't work they'll fix it when they get around to it. I'm sure the Google Fiber business class service includes a more typical business SLA, with defined maximum response times and compensation for excessive outages. That sort of SLA typically triples the price vs a consumer service with the same bandwidth.

Comment Re:Google giving the Business.. (Score 1) 85

So, with the price change, that means we'll have to pay, basically, double to maintain our 1 Gbps, otherwise we lose 75% of our speed to pay the same price.

Or, you could drop down to the consumer tier and pay less per month than you currently do... but give up the business-class service level agreement that you have.

If you're getting 1Gbps with a business SLA for $125 per month right now, that's an *amazing* deal. Comcast would soak you for twice that for 100 Mbps. I currently pay $120 per month for 15/3 (Mbps) with a business SLA, though that's because I'm out in the sticks where there are very few options available.

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