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Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 163

My Panasonic 50-something in TV is *not* a smart TV, and it's about 2 years old. I specifically shopped for a "dumb" TV. The features of smart TVs will quickly become outdated and cumbersome, and I hope to keep a TV for a good 10+ years. It was cheaper than the smart versions.

Comment Re:Speculative Trading (Score 1) 115

Lots of government announcements impact the share price of companies. If this leads companies to do things like bilk the citizens of the US out of less money to avoid getting called out, I don't think many people are going to have a problem with it, aside from those who are looking for problems to have.

Inasmuch as this is a problem, it's because the value of companies is so speculative, i.e. what can I get another sucker to pay for this thing, rather than objective, e.g. what dividends does this pay?

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 255

Trump called on Russia to release illegally obtained information on Clinton during his campaign.

And that means what exactly? I thought it was pretty good rhetoric highlighting Clinton's carelessness with her email server.

Trump's policies are definitely pro-Russian.

No, they're just not anti-Russian. There is absolutely no reason for there to be hostility between the US and Russia, but Hillary was dead-set on war with Russia over Syria so her paymasters in Saudi Arabia and Qatar could get their pipeline instead of Putin's Iran pipeline.

It's at least a reasonable line of investigation.

Not really. It's the DNC and their media mouthpieces ("It's illegal to look at WikiLeaks!!!" -- CNN) desperate to distract from the content of the leaks, and a convenient way for the CIA to smear WikiLeaks with black propaganda. Lefties on Slashdot are gullible as hell. Before this Russia shit if the CIA said the sky is blue /.ers would have looked out of their basements to check and now it's all "HOW YOU DARE YOU QUESTION THE CIA!!!!"

Nothing has changed. The CIA didn't suddenly start telling the truth. WikiLeaks didn't suddenly start lying. Lefties on /. are just grasping at straws because they're assblasted about Trump and can't deal with losing.

Comment Re:Hands on Whell? (Score 0) 152

I've never felt like I needed "assistance" to keep the car in my lane.

Then you're probably not realizing just how bad your driving is.

After observing other people's driving for about a quarter-century now, I can safely say that most humans just aren't very good about keeping their car in their lane at all times. They can use all the help they can get. If you've *ever* gone over the lines while you were driving, then this includes you too. Somehow I doubt you have a perfect record of this.

Comment Re:I don't want Clippy on my phone! (Score 1) 90

Trying to embrace and extinguish your competition (like what they're trying to do with linux as we speak) is only going to encourage the creation of yet other new alternatives to your authoritarian garbage OS.

This sounds like something out of a movie, not real life. In real life, we've had Linux for over 20 years now, yet almost no one uses it unfortunately. In fact, desktop Linux usage seems to have dropped significantly in the last 5 years or so, with a lot of people going to Apple.

Seems to me that MS is doing the right thing: figuring out new ways of milking more revenue out of Windows users, who aren't decreasing in number at all.

All ventures must end, and Microsoft is no exception. They are only hastening their own demise.

How so? From what I've read, MS's financials are very, very good. Seems like they're doing the right thing for their profitability. Maybe you don't like it, maybe it's Orwellian, but too bad. *No one* is being forced to use MS and their spyware-laden OS; everyone who uses it does so voluntarily. If people don't like their OS being intrusive and authoritarian, then they should stop using it, but I just don't see that happening, ever. People are too short-sighted and stupid. MS might as well take advantage of that.

Comment Re: Trump is worse (Score 1) 255

You realize that he paid the Clintons several hundred thousand dollars to be at his wedding, right, doesn't that make your little red blood boil?

No? Trump was a businessman buying favors from whore politicians.

You're going to be so mad when Trump Makes America Great Again and we add him to Mount Rushmore.

Comment Endowments (Score 3, Insightful) 271

If the Endowment is large enough they can give every student free tuition. If there is no endowment, everybody pays. In the middle, they need enough people paying full-boat to subsidize the kids who need a full ride. Look at the economics before you assume ill intent. There is no magic money and locking kids into thirty years of debt is no magnanimous gesture.

Comment Re:Just attention seeking, no substance (Score 1) 506

The whole thing smelled of bullshit from day zero. It's much easier for the US to get someone extradited from the UK than it is for them to extradite someone from Sweden, so the whole running-to-the-embassy thing never made sense, except as a possible means to escape being tried for rape. If the US really wanted him, they'd have had the extradition process started with the UK long before Assange went to the Ecuadorian embassy.

Comment Re:Scorpio (Score 1) 125

The Xbox used virtually bog-standard Celeron CPU and NVidia GPU; the only real special thing was a unifed memory architecture. The 360 was, IIRC, three PowerPC chips and a fairly standard AMD CPU.

The PS2, on the other hand, was custom silicon; the Emotion Engine and what not, while the PS3 was Cell architecture.

The PS1 and Dreamcast were both also fairly standard components, while the N64 was SGI custom.

Consoles are absolutely migrating towards being PCs with purpose-built cases, and backwards compatibility is becoming an expectation rather than a bonus, especially in this digital era, when you can get old titles from digital marketplaces.

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