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Comment If project is not distributed, GPL doesn't apply (Score 4, Informative) 504

If your project is only used internally, i.e. if it's not distributed, the GPLedness of the libraries you're using plays no role. If you're not distributing, the GPL places no restrictions whatsoever on what you do with the libraries. Now, since you started the project before getting paid to do so, it might be the case that the step where you so to say 'gave' it to the university counts as distribution, and then there would be no alternative to an at-least-GPL-Free license for your project, but that is something you should ask a lawyer about, not slashdot.

Comment Re:Very important first step (Score 1) 301

Step number zero: never set a soldering iron down on your desk.* Always put it back into that little springy holder thingie. Never burned myself. And since it lives in one spot on my desk, I don't need to look at it to safely grab it.

* You see, there's this thing called "gravity" (check out the "Where to start in DIY Physics?" thread at for more info) and if you set an iron down, gravity will tug on the cord, and since soldering irons are usually wider in the middle than either end, the whole guy will spin around a little...

Comment Re:Doesn't apply to classified information (Score 1) 555

Even if you still held clearance you still would be legally obligated not to read or download it. Just because you have Secret clearance doesn't mean you get to read anything that happens to have "Secret" stamped on it, you must to have a "need to know" the information to carry out the duties you got the clearance for.

Comment I reload 9mm (Score 1) 15

And .38, and .357, and .44....

I use Missouri Bullet Company's 9mm/125gr Smallball in my Glock 19 with a charge of 4.2gr Alliant Bullseye powder. Works really well for me with minimal leading.

Shooting jacketed would bring the prices up some, but lead bullets work well enough for me and the load should just meet IDPA power factor requirements (Though I haven't chronographed it).

Cost per 1000 rounds
Primers $30
Powder $10-ish (7000gr per lb, so I get ~1500 rounds per bottle)
Brass - Free range pickups
Bullets $60

Total $100 / 1000 and a Saturday spent by the reloading bench.
$100 / 1000 = $0.10 / round = $5 / 50.

Any questions, let me know. I'm not an expert by any means, but I can maybe save you a little bit of time :-)

Comment Empire stuff, lots of Empire stuff... (Score 1) 368

I question the metric they used for this.

Seems they are counting lines of code written and equating that directly to 'contribution'. This has several obvious problems:

1. I really hope he wasn't counting comments. Documentation is important, but is a separate task from coding./p>

2. Its possible to write the exact same code in a different number of lines (things like 'if' statements spring immediately to mind. Was he counting lines in the files, or being counting statements?

3. Not all lines of code are of equal value.

4. There are many ways to solve the same problem, some with more lines than others. This doesn't always correlate with speed of efficiency.

5. If the line managers of the people doing corporate Linux kernel contributions are using the same metric, then those contributors are going to make damn sure they produce the longest code possible that does the job they've been tasked with.

Comment Re:They're still doing it. (Score 1) 176

Can't run a business on one of their residential lines (which extreme 50 is)

I must have confused it with the corresponding tier of Comcast Business Class, which Comcast is promoting all the time on the cable news channels.

I can't imagine what most people would max out a 50mbps connection for, for 8 hours, other than downloading extremely large files (I.e. pirated games, movies, etc).

Steam is not "pirated", nor is iTunes Store. Blu-ray movies are streamed from the disc at 54 Mbps.

I'm sure that somebody else out there uses it for some legitimate reason, I'm just saying that those users are few and far between

As Internet connection speeds in the United States and Canada slowly climb to match those available in Japan and the Republic of Korea, and as the size of an operating system service pack continues to climb (it's currently about 200 MB for Windows, Mac OS X, or Ubuntu), those users will become less few and less far between.

Comment out of the box on Linux (Score 2, Informative) 102

You get this kind of thing out of the box on Linux: just plug in multiple phones and configure multiple internet connections; you get load balancing, on-demand dialing, and all that for free. Linux got this support years ago for dial-up modems, but mobiles phones look like dial-up modems to Linux anyway. It's not usually done with cell phones because it's expensive (that's why there's no simple UI for configuring it), but it's well documented and pretty easy to set up.

(Of course, with Windows and WinMo, it may actually be rocket science.)

Comment Re:How fast (Score 2, Informative) 498

This was more "switched from Accenture to running it `in house' in the form of a large team of low-paid talent in Sri Lanka" way more than it was "abandoned .NET for Linux! Rah rah rah!". The fact that people are hilariously so focused on the latter while missing the former speaks to how incredibly myopic people can be.

Horseshit. This is switching from "Accenture writing a slow unstable trading platform with .NET via cheap labor in India" to "buying the company that produces a fast, stable platform on Linux via cheap labor in Sri Lanka".

You're right that it's not a closed-vs-open source idealogical move. It is, however, yet another demonstration that .NET is not a suitable platform for large-scale low-latency transactional systems... and that Linux-as-an-OS has better offerings in this market.

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