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Submission + - How do you keep your media library safe from a 4-Year Old? 1

Serenissima writes: I've spent many hours building my Media Library in XBMC and scraping all the DVD Covers and Fanart. And I love it, I can pull up movies on any computer or device in the house. I played a movie for my son the other day so I could get some cleaning done without him being underfoot. I noticed shortly after that the sound coming from the other room was from a DIFFERENT movie than I played for him. I snuck up and watched for a few minutes and saw him use a trackpad to navigate to the stop and play buttons of different movies in his folder. I know it's only a matter of time before he realizes he can see all of the movies. I don't want him to have nightmares because he saw the T-1000 stab someone in the face. The quickest solution I can think is a screen saver with a password. It's mildly inconvenient to me, but would stop him from accessing anything. However, I remember how much more I knew about computers than my parents when I was a kid, and I have a feeling he's going to surprise me one day. There's a lot of ways out there to stop it, the way we do it now is to not let him watch anything unless we're there (but there are only so many times I can watch the same kid's movie). How do YOU guys find yourself dealing with the convenience of running your own server while keeping your media safe from prying eyes?

Submission + - IT Certification without an IT Background?

Serenissima writes: I come from a Geology background where I was a manager of geologists with my company for several years. I was doing logistical scheduling and managing dozens of concurrent projects using software like Primavera and Sharepoint. I was so good at keeping track of everything, my company asked me to do the same job nationally instead of regionally. Then later, they laid off my entire department. I found that I really enjoyed and excelled at project management, however when looking for a new job, I've found that — by and large — Project Management is an IT profession. I figured now is as good a time as any to switch professions and while I don't have enough money or time to go back to school for several years to get a CS degree, with my severance I can take some certification classes at a local IT Training School/Business. They gave me a list of certifications they can provide and since I'm new to IT, I was wondering what your (you in the IT workplace) opinions are on whether or not this is something that can start a career in IT or if it's a colossal waste of money because no one would hire me with only these certifications?

CompTIA Certified Professional — A+; CompTIA Certified Professional — Network +; Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician — MCDST; Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist — MCTS Windows 7 Configuration; Project Management for Professionals — PMP

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