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Comment Re:Most notebooks are not really upgradeable (Score 2) 477

define "service" it. There is no way to upgrade the RAM, as that is soldered in. The Battery is glued in, and I don't know of anyone who sells a replacement. And the SSD has a proprietary connection - OWC is the only outfit I see that offers the ability to upgrade the prior generation's SSD(for a markup of course). But so far, no one is offering a way to upgrade the new generation of MBP's SSD. You see, apple reworked it again to make it even LESS upgradable.

That is why I have the last generation 15" cMBP, and I intend to keep this thing for as long as humanly possible - In hopes that Apple comes to it's senses with respect to not charging way more than the normal Apple Tax amount, for a laptop that satisfies a demanding user. If they don't, I'll be looking for alternatives to the MBP as well.

Comment Re:Is It Just Me? (Score 5, Insightful) 510

There is no disadvantage to less pollution. It's HOW you go about doing it. Ignoring China's and India's environmental impacts while taxing the hell out of every American and European person to line the pockets of politician and political benefactor's carbon market schemes, not only is pure crap, but is stagnating an already bad economy to certain ruin.

But apparently that is what some folks desire, for some reason.

I am not anti-anti-pollution. I love the outdoors and nature. And I can tell you that even basic laws and ACTUAL enforcement has turned a lot of rivers I could not fish, due to pollution, in the 70s and 80s into thriving ecosystems in the 2000s and 2010s. You don't have to ruin world economies to clear up the pollution, no matter how much certain politically motivated parties would have you think otherwise.

Comment Re:Verbal loophole (Score 1) 262

Yes, but when they are looking for potential terrorists, they start with just one and work out from there. With an already accurate map of communications(what the NSA is collecting), they simply reach out from a given suspect to see who they are talking to, and then one more iteration.

They are not taking a the whole map and saying - Find me a terrorist, as you last sentence implies.

Comment Introduction to Algorithms (Score 1) 656

I have been out of a school for a while, and I just picked this book up to refresh/prepare for an upcoming interview. Try getting through that book without a math background. My mind is still hurting from what I was reading last night.

But the point is, what kind of job are you looking for. Quite frankly, you would most likely NOT enjoy a job that was not challenging.

Comment Re:So what exactly is the problem with this? (Score 1) 342

Really? It's a government entity collecting unique biometric data to be stored in perpetuity for no defined purpose. No communication with parents, no direction as to it's use, and school officials employing the typical school system no-think by saying, "I do what I am told". The whole thing smacks of slimy Big Brother tactics.

But then again, you sound like one of those types who like to allow minors to undergo surgical procedures without the parent's consent. It takes a village, absent the parents potential for objections, right?

Comment Re:Get back to media player! (Score 1) 228

There is room for both. The iPhone without the phone bit is really important to me, because I can give it to my young son to play with, literally, and not have to thing about him having a cell phone. He plays games, takes pictures/videos, watches TV/movies, etc... This new "improved" thing does not fit my criteria, because of the lack of camera, and it doesn't fit your criteria as well.

It just seems like a big giant miss from Apple, IMHO.

BTW, you can buy the iPod Touch 4 w/32Gigs of RAM from the refurb store for $179. You then turn off wi-fi, remove of group all the apps you can't remove into one bucket, ignore the cameras, and then enjoy your media device for music and photos/videos. It's much easier to ignore something than it is to use something that doesn't exist.

Comment Re:self-fulfilling prophecy? (Score 1) 147

It means that they are not able to shrink smaller than 19nm for this next generation of NAND flash memory. Normally the numbering system from generation to generation included the number in the tens(and 100s) column. But since they are at that same physical size, they had to use a new numbering scheme. 1x -> 1y.

All it means is that the physical limits of shrinking the die size are being hit. And the author is simply saying that it's a sign of things to come - DUH!!! Also, to your parent post, Moore himself thought the prediction would have not held up anywhere close to this long. So that can be interpreted as the "self-fulfilling prophecy".

Comment Call me silly (Score 1) 197

Isn't there something to be said for sample size here? We've had the ability to "easily" see large planets. We've discovered that there is a strange(to us) phenomena known as "Hot Jupiter". But other than that, we have found only relatively large planets up to this point. Each of those systems with large planets may also contain smaller planets as well.

You can't prove a negative, but that appears to be what they are doing. Since we don't have the tech to discover systems like our own, we MUST be rare.

Comment Why does not one mention this? (Score 1) 270

The crowd sourcing, in this case, only has a tiny percentage of the video/images the authorities had. So logically, the list of legit suspects runs out quickly, and then you have LOTS of outliers being tagged as well. Then you throw in the idiots who's only justification for tagging someone is "brown" and where else do you expect this to go.

Weed out the "brown" taggers, ignore everything after the 1st 6 hours, and you have a set of suspects that were actually somewhat legit.

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