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Journal Journal: Robin

Your mother was crying
Your father passed her a handkerchief
Their tear-stained faces
Looked to mine for a sign of grief
A thousand raincoats
Always stand around too long
But I stayed to talk with you
After they had gone

The flowers I brought you
Were beginning to fade under the heavy rain
Your name on the card had run
So I tried in vain to write it again
They didn't understand you - No!
They didn't even try
I'm so glad that you left us now
Before you had the chance to die

I sat there for a long time
Expecting to turn and see you there
I ran my fingers through the long grass
Willing it to turn into your hair
And oh, I'm gonna miss you, dear
But I don't have to cry
I'm so glad that you left us now
Before you had the chance to die
And oh, I'm going to miss you dear
But I'm not going to cry
I'm so glad that your life stopped now
Before it had the chance to die

Alison Moyet, "And On"

Difficult evening.

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Journal Journal: Red Moon Rising 1

Last night I was standing out on the balcony and I found the moon low on the horizon. Never before this night have I seen a red moon, and on this particular occasion it was salmon-colored. Within an hour is was a pale yellow and looked as it usually does.

The moon has been a silent companion of mine lately. It offers no criticism, no judgement, and no accusations. It hangs there quietly and listens to me as I lament over the loss of someone very precious to me. It smiles on me when I need a soft light in the night. We're conversant.

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Journal Journal: Goodbye, Half-Elven Bard. Hello, Elven Moon Goddess 21

Why, yes, it is Koria.

I am different. The past several months have sucked royally, in particular this month.

I've no access to my old account, so I live here now.

I am in Maryland for now.

I am going to Alaska for a much-needed [in]sanity break.

I am moving to West Virginia.

My physical health is much improved. I have paid a high price in getting here, though.

Half of my heart has died. The other half is somewhere outside of Dallas/Fort Worth. If you see it, please return it as I need it - I'll pay the postage.

I'll be intermittent until settled.

I'll add friends as I find them. I have started with those I consider a core.

I'll answer questions, to the best of my ability.

No, I'll not switch to Multiply.

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